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Forms VR https://studiosoup.tv/selected-work/forms-vr/ Interactive Art

Forms Vr, was born as an experimentation inside Studio Soup. We were exploring the interactivity of the objects in the VR world, their possibilities, limitations and development. That is how we moved forward and we’ve finished it as a final product, like if it was a real project. Forms VR it's an artistic and interactive experience were you create your own sculpture, graving and putting together basic geometric figures that turn around the user, changing the shape and texture of them.

Juan Manuel Codo

Project Manager & CCO


+54 9 11 59937023

Aguero 1653. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soup es un estudio colaborativo de diseño de animación XR 3D con sede en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Con más de 10 años de experiencia, realizamos todo tipo de proyectos animados para Canales de Tv, agencias y empresas multinacionales. Organizamos y formamos equipos con diferentes artistas en función del alcance del proyecto.
Soup es una cocina, donde se mezclan, improvisan, prueban y modifican. Donde los proyectos crecen, donde hay química, donde el pensamiento y el análisis son importantes, pero también donde el instinto es crucial. SOUP es una cocina para los curiosos, para el paciente, para los apasionados y para los detalles.

Soup it’s a collaborative XR 3D animation design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina .
With more than 10 years of experience, we do all kinds of animated projects for Tv Channels, agencies, and multinational companies. We organize and make teams with different artist depending on the scope of the project.
Soup is a kitchen, where mixing, improvisation, testing and modification takes place. Where projects grow, where there is chemistry, where thinking and analysis is important, but also where instinct is crucial. SOUP is a kitchen for the curious, for the patient, for the passionate and for the detail focused.

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