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WERNER Cine is a young production company founded with the main goal of producing genuine and authentic projects with artistic, commercial and cultural value. Also, the international aspects are very important: the company is always looking to raise money for the financing of the projects and new partners for the production stage along with international co-producers, international foundings, and private inverstors, in order to show and release the movies into the most important festivals and world wide all international market.

WERNER Cine es una productora joven fundada con el objetivo de producir proyectos genuinos y auténticos con gran potencial artístico, comercial e identidad cultural. Los aspectos internacionales son muy importantes; la búsqueda de socio, coproductores, fondos extranjeros son de suma importancia para la distribución y ventas de nuestras películas.


– Showroom
– Terror 5
– El Corral

Current projects looking for coproduction

JOAN (80 min)

Status: In development
Director: Daniel Werner
Writter: Diego Avalos
Genre: Thriller – Drama

Budget: USD 1.000.000
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: TBC

Storyline: Joan is a teenager of 16, very naive and easily in love, from a wealthy and troublesome family. One day he decides to escape with Luciana (32), his beautiful high-school teacher. By tricking his relatives and friends, Joan and his lover escape to an old house in the countryside to fully enjoy their love. In time Joan realizes that he has been set up. Luciana is part of a dangerous gang of kidnappers that plans to ransom his release and then get rid of him. Now, Joan has to fight for his life while revealing the dark side of love.


EL ROCIO (90 min)

Status: In development
Director: Emiliano Grieco
Writter: Emiliano Grieco
Genre: Drama

Budget: USD 600.000
Secured Budget: 70%
Financing: INCAA

Storyline: The story revolves around the modern life in rural Entre Ríos. Sara discovers that agrochemicals sprayed by her neighbor for soy cultivation poisoned her daughter. The treatment compels them to travel to Buenos Aires. To get money for it, Sara devotes herself to drug trafficking. This becomes a threat for her freedom and the safety of her children.