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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Vista Sur Films (Álvaro Urtizberea), is a production company that has already produced 7 feature films (one animation) and 1 television series for three seasons, and has other two features films under production (an animation and a fiction). Also we have produced two shorts films (an animation and a fiction).

Vista Sur Films (Álvaro Urtizberea), productora audiovisual desde 1995. Produjo 7 largometrajes, una serie de televisión de tres temporadas, y dos cortometrajes, también tiene otros dos largometrajes en producción.


Features films:

In production (2018) “Dalia and The Red Book”, (3D Ani. by David Bisbano) and “Radio East” (Fic. by Álvaro Urtizberea)
2018: “Urgent Love” (Fic. by Diego Lublinsky)
2016: “Across the Pampas” (Fic. by David Bisbano)
2015: “Hortensia” (Fic. by Álvaro Urtizberea and Diego Lublinsky)
2013: “Rodencia and the Princess Tooth” (3D Ani. by David Bisbano)
2012: “Nosilatiaj, Beauty” (Fic. By Daniela Seggiaro)
2008: Three Minutes (Fic. By Diego Lublinsky)
2009: “Puzzle” (as associated producer, Fic. by Natalia Smirnoff)
2004: The Holy Girl (Fic. by Lucrecia Martel)

Short Films:

2016: “The Drum and the Shadow” (Ani. by David Bisbano)
2005: Away from the sun (Fic. by Pablo Aguero)

TV Series: 1995 to 1999 “Magazine For Fai” (by Lucrecia Martel and Mex Urtizberea).


Current projects looking for coproduction

Dalia and the Red Book (85 min)

Status: Production
Tecnique:  CGI characters and Scenarios in Models
Director: David Bisbano
Animator: Lisette Freire Pérez
Writter: David Bisbano
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Target: 5 to 14 years old

Budget: 3.500.000 USD
Secured Budget:  55%
Financing: Public and private financial support INCAA, IBERMEDIA, co-production GOLEM STUDIO , pre-selling FILMSHARKS, corporate contributions, private funds)
Looking for: Coproduction and private and public funds

Synopsis: Dalia (12), has the task of finishing her recently dead father’s unfinished book. In order to do so, she will become part of the story and come face to face with the characters who have taken over the plot in their struggle to play the leading roles.