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We are driven by one goal: to enhance life experiences. Out of such verb we coined the term ENHANCED XR. What does it mean? To us, virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping and holography are only partial tools which are combined to deliver full immersive experiences. We also use and develop our own periferic systems that recognize body movement and produce a physical impact in the real world.  Last but not least is our responsibility in the correct usage of immersive technologies. It is our duty to educate on the possibilities and limits of virtual experiences.

Perseguimos un objetivo: expandir nuestras experiencias de vida. De ahí es que creamos nuestro término REALIDAD EXPANDIDA. ¿Que significa? Para nosotros, la realidad virtual, la realidad aumentada, el mapping y los hologramas son solo herramientas que combinamos para ofrecer experiencias completamente inmersivas. Utilizamos y desarrollamos nuestros propios sistemas periféricos que leen el movimiento del cuerpo y producen un impacto real en el mundo virtual.  Última pero más importante está nuestra responsabilidad en el correcto uso de las tecnologías inmersivas .Es nuestro deber educar sobre las posibilidades y límites de las experiencias virtuales.


Produced Titles

– Esto no es Tango (Feature Film, 2019)
– La Secta del Gatillo (Feature Film, 2018)
– Los Hijos de las Estrellas (Short Film, 2016)


Current projects looking for coproduction


Interactive VR ShortFilm – The duration depends on what the user does
Status: Pre Production
Director: Agustín Cossa
Animation: Juan Martín Abdo
Script: Agustín Cossa
Technique: Virtual Reality. Interactive with live time animation / Unreal Engine / Free Walk VR / Hand tracking / 2D cut-out
Genre: Interactive VR / Fantasy
Target: 15 to 50 years old

Budget: USD 50.000
Secured Budget: 20 % – USD 10.000
Financing: Virtuality Paris

Looking for: We are looking for both companies interested in investing in new ways of storytelling so they can be our collaborators and co-producers in making this project a reality

Storyline: We wake up to the sorrowful singing of our wife who is grieving the loss of her parents. The tune makes our young daughter sad. We leave the house and get into a forest. There we are drawn by an enchanting tune which surrounds us. We find a group of fairies playing music. We dance with them. But suddenly the fairies vanish and we see everything is now dark. We hear the same lament from before, we follow it. It takes us back to our home, an find our own daughter (now 60) singing such sad tune.



This Is Not Tango

Feature Film – 60 min.
Status: Post Production
Directors: Matías Nielsen / Ludmila Satulovsky
Animation: Post-Producción: Ludmila Satulovsky
Script: Ludmila Satulovsky/ Matías Nielsen / Soledad Viladrich
Technique: 360
Genre: Documentary
Target: Tango and argentininan and latinoameric culture Enthusiasts / Men and women interested in Genre studies/problematics

Budget: USD 100.000
Secured Budget: 70 % USD 70.000
Financing: Itaú Bank through the Patronage Program of the City of Buenos Aires

Looking for: We are looking to make a deal with local distribution companies from both France and Europe

Storyline: With the help of 360 VR, filmmakers transport audience to into an immersive documentary where they can live, experience and think on how the feminist movement is reshaping long-established social and cultural codes, specially in the act of dancing Tango. More than just a film, it is an immersive experience which shows how the hug resist and changes according to our new cultural coordinates.