Fernando Casal Picallo

Autor, Director, Producer


Trespé creates and develops IP transmedia 3D animation content

Trespé crea y desarrolla contenidos IP transmedia de animación 3D


Produced Titles

  • Las Convulsiones del Espíritu (Cortometraje 3D) Argentina-Colombia 2017


Current projects looking for Co-production


Transmedia – In development
Director: Fernando Casal Picallo
Animator: Malditomaus
Writter: Fernando Casal Picallo
Duration: Serie 8×24 min. / Feature Film 70 min./ Videogame 300 min.
Technique: 3D Animation CGI + MOCAP + Real time render
Genre: Sci-Fi
Target: ABC 12 to 25 Years old

Budget: Teaser 25.000 USD – Serie 3.200.000 USD – Feature Film 3.800.000 USD
Confirmed Budget: Teaser 20%
Financing: Malditomaus Argentina – Endemica Studios Colombia – Zerouno Games España – Bandai-Namco Europe
Looking for: Coproducers – Animation services

Synopsis: In the 23rd century an infrahuman civilization called the High Ones, ascends. Faced with the impossibility of perpetuating his dynasty, captures the family of scientists; Ernesto, Adela and her son Alan Blanco to create the Map of Consciousness and thus prolong its existence. The family refuses. Alan is cryogenized, as a guarantee to finish his investigation. Adela and Ernesto face them, torn between the life of their son and the continuity of humanity.The bid to control access to the map begin.