Agustín Touriño

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Agustín Touriño was born in Santiago del Estero in 1986 and has lived in Córdoba since 1989. He studied Film and Television at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. He is animator and animation director at “El Birque Animaciones” where he participated in several projects, among which the videoclips “Doña Ubenza” (musician Mariana Carrizo) and “Tenemos Voz” (musician La Yegros) stand out. He also created the videoclip “Pintando Mundos” (musician Cristian “Mono” Banegas).
His shortfilm “Roach” is part of the official selection of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2020.

Agustín Touriño nació en Santiago del Estero en 1986 y vivió en Córdoba desde 1989. Estudió Cine y Televisión en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Es animador y director de animación en “El Birque Animaciones” donde participó en numerosos proyectos entre los que se destacan los videoclips “Doña Ubenza” (de Mariana Carrizo) y “Tenemos Voz” (de La Yegros), y de forma independiente “Pintando Mundos” (de Cristian “Mono” Banegas).
Su cortometraje “Cucaracha” es parte de la selección oficial del Festival Internacional de Animación de Annecy 2020.


Produced Titles:

Cucaracha (Shortfilm, 2020)


Current projects looking for coproduction

The Unstables

ShortFilm – 8 min.
Status: Pre-Production
Director: Suyaj Gomez-Vagliente
Animation: Agustin Touriño
Script: Suyaj Gomez-Vagliente
Technique: Rotoscope
Genre: Drama
Target: Young adults

Budget: USD 25000
Secured Budget: 75%
Financing: Polo Audiovisual Córdoba

Looking for: Co-production, Post-production

Storyline: Leo receives an unexpected visit from his old friend Esteban. During the day he realizes that his friend has a problem and he is not able to communicate it.
At some point Esteban manage to tell him that he left his job because he was “”unstable””. Even more conffused Leo tries to understand but the situation is even stranger: Esteban is molecularly unstable.
Leo ask for explanations, so Esteban morph his body into a wave that falls on Leo, and begins to decompose everything in his path.



ShortFilm – 10 min.
Status: Production
Director: Daniel Marin
Animation: Daniel Marin, Agustin Touriño
Script: Daniel Marin
Technique: Stop-motion
Genre: Drama
Target: Adults

Budget: USD 35000
Secured Budget: 85%
Financing: Polo Audiovisual Córdoba

Looking for: Coproduction, Post-production

Storyline: Avel picks up his pets cage and sets off on a motorcycle towards the hill, the music of the wind goes
through the bars, a deep blue peeks out. A trip through time begins, which
leads us to a notion of the purest freedom.


Old People

ShortFilm – 8 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Milena Lois
Animation: Milena Lois, Agustin Touriño
Script: Milena Lois, Suyaj Gomez Vagliente
Technique: 2D
Genre: Drama
Target: Young adults and adults

Budget: USD 25000
Secured Budget: %20

Looking for: Coproduction, Post-production

Storyline: In a near future, in Córdoba, old people have to take extreme cares, so they use body protections. A group of old people meet on a bus, they have long ago hatched a plan that want to accomplish. Contrary to what might be expected, they do not go to the bank to receive their pension, they go to the park.
There, they begin a journey abandoning their protections to arrive, after crossing a long tunnel, to a dreamlike jungle where they come into real contact with their companions and with nature.