Javier Ignacio Luna Crook

Content Director
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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Tamandua is a creative handcraft animation studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our team develops, produces and directs cultural and commercial projects, empowering stories with the beauty of animated designs and textures. We are strongly motivated by diversity in techniques and styles. You are welcome to check out our work at tamandua.tv

Somos un estudio creativo de animación tradicional ubicado en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Producimos contenidos originales (series y cortometrajes) en Stop Motion y tecnicas mixtas. Proveemos servicios de 2D digital, cut-out y motion graphics para instituciones, agencias y marcas.


Produced Titles

– Quma y las Bestias – ShortFilm Stop Motion – 10min – 2019
– Mi Otro Hijo – ShortFilm Stop Motion – 10min – 2019 – Coproduced with Noemí Fuehrer (ARG)


Current projects looking for coproduction

Ori & Gen

Series – 26 x 5 min.
Status: In development
Director: Javier Ignacio Luna Crook
Animator: Ivan Stur
Script: Luz Marquez
Technique: Stop Motion + 2D
Genre: Adventure / Kids
Target: 3 to 6 years old

Budget: USD 1.704.000
Secured Budget: USD 32.000 – 2%
Financing: INCAA series Developement Fund – Bridging the Gap Animation Lab

Looking for: Coproducers, Sales Agent, PreSales, Channels

Storyline: Ori & Gen is an animated series in Stop Motion and 2D. Designed for a Target from 3 to 6 years old. It tells the adventures of two characters, one from Clay and another from Cardboard, who travel to material worlds every time a new object appears on the table where they live. A spring will take them to the world of metals, a bottle cap to that of plastics, they will get to know the papers, textiles, wood and many more!



My Other Son

Series – 8 x 3 min,
Status: Production
Director: Gustavo Alonso
Animation: Javier Ignacio Luna Crook
Script: Noemí Fuhrer
Technique: 2D – Stop Motion – CutOut – Drawings
Genre: Animated Documentary
Target: Adult +18

Budget: USD 90000
Secured Budget: USD 70000 – 77%
Financing: INCAA ANIMATE 2016 – INCAA series Developement Fund 2018

Looking for: Coproducers, Sales Agent, PreSales, Channels

Storyline: This is Gusti ́s story. A father who goes through bewilderment and denial, to the most unconditional love for his new son.The TV series rebuilds, by means of animation techniques, a whole new word, that was revealed to this cartoonist, when he knew his son to be Down syndrome. Each episode begins in the illustration table where the author, conflicted creatively, reflects from a thought: “Sometimes with children happens the same as with drawings: the result is not what you expected”