Juan Manuel Codó

Project Manager & CCO
+54 11 59937023


Soup is a collaborative animation and design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina . With more than 10 years of experience, we do all kinds of animated projects for Tv Channels, agencies, and multinational companies. We organize and make teams with different artist depending on the scope of the project.

Soup es un estudio colaborativo de animación y diseño con sede en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Con más de 10 años de experiencia, realizamos todo tipo de proyectos animados para canales de televisión, agencias y empresas multinacionales. Organizamos y hacemos equipos con diferentes artistas según el alcance del proyecto.


Produced Titles

– Short Film – Homestay – 2019 ( Co production CANADA )
– Short Film – The Last Dream – 2017


Current projects looking for coproduction

Astropark VR

VR experience – 15 min.
Status: Pre Production
Director: Juan Manuel Codó
Animation: Marcelo Pierce
Script: Micaela Peila
Technique: Unity + 3D + DEVELOP
Genre: Educational – Entertainment
Target: Family – from 10 years to 65

Budget: USD 45.000
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: STUDIO SOUP

Looking for: We are looking for co production, funds and sponsorship.

Storyline: It’s an astronomy, educational multiplayer virtual space.
You can visit to learn, amaze yourself and enjoy.
You will be able to walk around, interact, climb leaders, and chat with others.
Have you ever wanted to witness a rocket launch?
Do you want to be amazed by an interactive planetary show?
Discover the mysteries of the universe in a beautiful and different way, where you learn by playing, interacting with others and experiencing science in a friendly non realistic environment.




ShortFilm – 1′  50”
Status: Production
Director: Juan Manuel Codó
Animation: Juan Manuel Codó
Script: Micaela Peila
Technique: CG Animation 3D
Genre: Fantasy, SciFi, Tribute
Target: Family

Budget: USD 10.000
Secured Budget: 20%
Financing: STUDIO SOUP

Looking for: Sponsorship and funding

Storyline: Is a short film based on the life and words of Stephen Hawking.
His words inspire us to make this short story about a space facility in some planetary system, where an array of radio telescopes are constantly looking for a signal from the outer galaxies.




Game – 15 min.
Status: Pre Production
Director: Juan Manuel Codó
Animation: Juan Manuel Codó
Script: Micaela Peila
Technique: UNITY + 3D + DEVELOP
Genre: Entertainment
Target: Family – from 10 to 65 years

Budget: USD 25.000
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: STUDIO SOUP

Looking for: Co Production / Funds and sponsorship

Storyline: Forms VR, is an interactive art experience.
The user can create anything he wants based on basic geometric figures. After you have created something, you can throw it away to make it disappear.
Now we want to gamify this experience, please see the brief: