Rudo Company

Esteban Cuenca

Executive Creative Producer
+54 9 11 34278870

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Rudo Company is an audiovisual playground. From there we create and direct illustrations, animated ads, shortfilms and animated series, music videos and experimental videogames following a simple premise: keep it always stunning, original and fun.

Rudo Company es un estudio de experimentación audiovisual. Desde allí creamos y dirigimos ilustraciones, animaciones publicitarias, cortometrajes y series animadas, videos musicales y videojuegos experimentales.


– “The Wolf”. Music Video. 2017

Current projects looking for coproduction

Endoku (10×15′)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: 2D Traditional Animation
Director: Rudo Company
Animators: Eze Torres and Pablo Rafael Roldan
Writters: Esteban Cuenca, Eze Torres and Pablo Rafael Roldan
Genre: Adventure / Action
Target: 11/14 years

Budget: USD 1.600.000
Secured Budget: 5%
Looking for: Funding and help to finish development and produce a pilot

Synopsis: When a war between ancient colossal gods menace to strike, Yuuto – a rookie young wizard – is pushed to travel back and forward in time to restore nature’s balance.