Protón Cine

Mariana Luconi

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Natalia Labaké

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Protón Cine is a young production company that bets on films with a microscopic and radical look. It was created in the spirit of promoting energetic authors and accompany them integrally in the process of concretizing their ambitions, with the aim of offering them a “positive force” that drives their projects.


Produced Titles

  • Alicia 2018
  • Camping 2019
  • Halmoni 2018
  • Toda mi Alegría 2018
  • Centauro 2017
  • Pichuco 2014


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: Post-Production
Director: Natalia Labaké
Writter: Natalia Labaké
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 90 min.

Budget: 55.000 USD
Secured Budget: 44.000 USD (80%)

Synopsis: Agustina and Bibiana, niece and aunt, want to free themselves from a family karma. They both are victims of an unspoken abuse. Their family is led by a former Menemist politician, Juan Labaké. His wife has videotaped his political life during the 90s. During that time, the main characters are mere witnesses of an excluding reality. The director accompanies their awakening from the sleeping life.



Status: In Development
Director: Juan Martín Hsu
Writter: Juan Martín Hsu
Genre: Drama / Police
Duration: 90 min.
Estimated Shoting Date: October 2020

Budget: 650.000 USD
Secured Budget: 65.000 USD (10%)

Synopsis: An attorney investigates the biggest Chinese mafia in Argentina, involved in extortions to Chinese businessmen, homicides, drug and human trafficking. By means of telephone tappings, she gets recordings, but they are in Fujianese dialect. The Chinese embassy sends a Chinese officer to help with the translation.