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We are an Animation Studio from Córdoba, Argentina. We make 2D animation for digital cinema, TV and Internet. We design art concepts and graphic packs for audio-visual productions. We offer animation workshops and organize movie seasons of animated films for kids, young people and adults. Potaje Creativo is a laboratory in which we mix all different kinds of animation techniques. We like to explore different audio-visual formats and experiment in animation: From an audiovisual spot in motion graphics, even on bicycle wheels, to mapping, vjing, and gif. We work for audio-visual producers, film companies, and institutions.

Somos un estudio de animación. Desde el 2012 ponemos las cosas en movimiento, hacemos posible lo imposible. Animamos combinando 2D digital: Cut Out, Motion Graphics, Cuadro a Cuadro y analógico: Pixilation, Experimental, Multiplano. Nos interesa explorar diferentes formatos y soportes. Trabajamos para proyectos independientes y por encargo. Creemos en la vida de los objetos inanimados y su poder subvertidor para construir sentido, aplicando esta noción a nuestras producciones.


Produced Titles

Gurium 2013 – ShortFilm


Current projects looking for coproduction


Series – 13 x 7 min.
Status: In Development
Directors: Paz Bloj & Franco Dadone
Animation: Paulina Muratore
Script: Paz Bloj & Franco Dadone
Technique: 2D digital
Genre: Comedy, Sitcom
Target: Adults (29 to 50 years old)

Budget: USD 368.680
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: Winner of Polo Audiovisual de la Provincia de Cordoba Devolpment Fund for Animated TV Series

Looking for: Co-Production

Storyline: The life of Matilde (36), an obsessive biologist, and Jorge (41), an arrogant sound engineer, is turned upside down when their daughter Juana is born.
Immersed in a world of diapers and trying to put their lives back together, parenting stress awakens the animal side of this special family.



Black hole

ShortFilm – 4 min.
Status: In Development
Directors: Tomas Alzogaray, Paz Bloj & Ana Comes
Animation: Tomas Alzogaray, Paz Bloj & Ana Comes
Script: Tomas Alzogaray, Paz Bloj & Ana Comes
Technique: 2D tradicional, Stop motion
Genre: Experimentary
Target: Youngs and adults

Budget: USD 10.000
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: Winner of Cordoba’s “Fondo de Fomento Audiovisual”

Looking for: Co-production

Storyline:  A wild pig bumps into a hole in the floor, from that moment a portal will open and an amazing journey of metamorphosis will begin.