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Pampa Films´products are at the core of excellence, innovation and a close bond with the spectator. Because of that, we can assure the creation of blockbusters and international quality products. The quality of our projects in production and the ability to create content, both of national and international scope, makes us stand out.

El producto Pampa Films se define a partir de una película de calidad, original, de factura industrial y una fuerte conexión con el espectador. Todo esto asegura la generación de productos de calidad internacional y éxitos de taquilla. Nos distingue la calidad de los proyectos en desarrollo y la capacidad de generar contenido tanto de alcance nacional e internacional.


– “El ratón Perez” Feature Film 2006, Argentina-Italia Coproduction.
– “El arca” Feature Film 2007.
– “La gallina Turuleca” Feature film in production during 2018. España-Argentina Coproduction.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Turuleca (80min)

Feature Film
Status: Development.
Tecnique: CGI Animated Feature Film – Stereoscopic
Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini, Eduardo Gondell.
Animator: Keytoons.
Writter: Juan Pablo Buscarini, Eduardo Gondell, Pablo Bossi.
Genre: Animation for children.
Target: Preschool.

Budget: USD 7.230.000
Secured Budget: USD 4,150,000 (57,4%)
Financing: GLORIAMUNDI SL (España) – TANDEM SL (España) – PAMPA FILMS S.A. (Argentina).
Looking for: Coproducers.

Synopsis: Turuleca is a different hen. She cannot lay eggs and is therefore discriminated by the others. Her life changes the day that Isabel, a former music teacher, discovers that Turuleca can speak and sing with a prodigious voice. An unexpected accident causes Isabel to lose her memory and she is sent to the city hospital The hen decides to go find her, leaving the farm and her boyfriend, the rooster Vicente. In order to reach the city Turuleca manages to convince Matías, the son of circus owner, to accept her as an artist on his show. But her wonderful talent not only brings her fame but also awakens the greed of the evil Armando Tramas. As she arrives to the city, Turuleca manages to find Isabel and through love and music she makes the old woman recover her memory. Together they return to the circus and with Matías’ help they defeat the evil Tramas. Turuleca, with Isabel and Vicente, return to the farm and to her astonishment she gets to lay eggs. Not one, not two, not three, but 10 beautiful chicks. She is no longer just a different hen, but a unique hen.

Billy the Krill (26×13′)

TV series
Status: General concept. Characters and Art completed – 1st season storyline.
Tecnique: 2D animation
Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini
Animator: Pampa Films
Writter: Pampa Films
Genre: Animation for children.
Target: 7 to 11 years old

Budget: USD 1.925.000
Secured Budget: USD 3.850.000 (20%)
Financing: Mediabyte SRL (Argentina) – Coyote Soc Animada (Uruguay)
Looking for: Coproducers.

Synopsis: A Krill? A tiny crustacean less than 5 cm long is responsible for the chaos running rampant in Antarctica? It´s hard to believe…but that´s how legends are born, little dreamers accomplishing great feats.