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Animation Studio based in Córdoba, Argentina, dedicated to the development and production of original IP’s for TV and Cinema.

Estudio de Animación radicado en Córdoba, Argentina, dedicado al desarrollo y la producción de contenidos originales para TV y CINE.

Produced Titles

– Anton (TV Series, 2012)
– Renata, Nazareno y el Mundo de los Sentimientos (TV series, 2014)
– Jardin Movil (Tv Series, 2015)
– ¿Me lo Puedo Quedar? (Pilot TV Series, 2018)


Current projects looking for coproduction

Anton and the Strange World

TV Series – 13 x 7 min.
Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop motion
Director: Maria Rosario Carlino
Animation: Agustín Touriño, Juliana Gal
Script: María Rosario Carlino, Matías Ferreyra
Technique: Stop Motion
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Target: 5 to 7 years old

Budget: USD 350.000
Secured Budget: 5%
Financing: Polo Audiovisual Cordoba, Incaa, Pakapaka

Looking for: Coproducers / Distributors / Sales Agents

ANTON is a blue boy who has a particular way of interpreting the things that happen to him: the questions he asks himself, his little everyday problems, find amazing answers in a Strange World which is just one step away.
The GIANT WOMAN, her goofy aunt, and SELVA, a girl who knows how to float, will be his adventure companions: Together they will meet mysterious talking animals, they will rescue monsters at risk, and they will face dubious enemies.



Can I keep him?

Series – 13 x 3 min. + 13 x 1 min.
Status: Production
Directors: Patricia Gualpa
Animator: Juliana Gal
Writters: Julieta Secco, Mara Arrieta
Technique: Digital Cut Out
Genre: Animated Documentary
Target: Adults

Budget: USD 120.000
Secured Budget: 50%
Financing: Polo Audiovisual Córdoba

Looking for: Co producers, sales agents, distributors, web platforms

Synopsis: A dog named Shakira, a lonely actor, a dog that sees ghosts, a photographer named “cat”, a cat that reads classics… These are stories of animals and humans, and how meeting each other changed their lives. The narrative is built from both perspectives -human and animal- mixing documentary, fantasy, humor and drama.



Steps to Fly

ShortFilm – 6 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Nicolas Conte
Animation: Nicolás Conte
Script: Nicolas Conte, María Rosario Carlino
Technique: Stop Motion
Genre: Drama
Target: Kids 6 to 8 years old

Budget: USD 58.000
Looking for: Co-producers, pre-sales

Storyline: Locked up in a room that has an awning window, a Bird teaches a Little Bird how to fly, even if he has no wings. The appearance of a mysterious black book will ruin his plans, and reveal to Little Bird an unexpected possibility to escape.