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Maria Rosario Carlino

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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Stop motion animation studio located in Cordoba (Argentina) dedicated to the development and production of quality contents for kids. We enjoy telling stories and creating characters through imagination and experimentation. Our motivations are fantasy, nature and childhood.

We mainly produce TV series and short films. We develop our own contents, from the core idea to the last detail. We love teamwork, and we are interested in collaborating, coworking and co-producing with others.

Estudio de animación stop motion radicado en Cordoba (Argentina) dedicado al desarollo y produccion de contenidos de calidad para niños. Nos gusta contar historias, crear personajes, imaginar y experimentar. Nos motivan la fantasía, la naturaleza y la infancia.

Realizamos principalmente series de TV y cortometrajes. Desarrollamos contenidos propios, desde la primera idea hasta el último detalle. Disfrutamos el trabajo en equipo, y nos interesa colaborar y co-producir con otros.


– Anton y el Mundo Raro (2017, in development) TV Series, stop motion, 26x 7 min.
– Jardin Movil (2015) TV Series, cut out, 8×4 min
– Renata, Nazareno y el Mundo de los Sentimientos (2013) TV Series, Cut Out 13×3 min.
– Anton (2012) TV Series , stop motion 4×11 min.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Anton y el Mundo raro / Anton and the Strange World (26×7′)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop motion
Director: Maria Rosario Carlino
Animator: Juliana Gal
Writters: Maria Rosario Carlino and Matias Ferreyra
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Target: 5/7 years

Budget: USD 490.000
Secured Budget: 6%
Financings: INCAA, JOni Art (Lituania), LTR (Lituania TV) and Momakin (Polonia).
Looking for: Sales agents / Coproducers / Distributors / Broadcasters

Synopsis: The series follow the adventures of Anton, a 7 years old blue kid. The questions he asks himself and his small daily problems, lead him to the Strange World. The GIANT WOMAN, a quirky neighbourhood grocer, and SELVA, an odd yellow girl from the Strange World, become Anton’s companions in his adventures. Together, they meet mysterious talking animals and personified objects, they rescue monsters in danger, help reconcile feuding brothers, and face dubious enemies.


¿Me lo puedo quedar? / Can I keep him? (52×3′)

Web Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop Motion cut out
Directors: Matias Ferreya / Maria Rosario Carlino
Animator: Juliana Gal
Writters: Matias Ferreya / Maria Rosario Carlino
Genre: Animated Documentary
Target: Family

Budget: USD 156.000
Secured Budget: 0%
Looking for: Coproducers

Synopsis: A dog named Shakira, a grandmother no one visits, a dog who sees ghosts, a homeless man, a cat who reads literature classics.
These are stories about animals and people, and how adopting each other changed their lives for the better. In an animated interview, a person tells the story of the first encounter with a rescued animal, and how is their daily life together. The animal is around, and although he does not speak, the images show his point of view on what the person says.