Patricio Plaza

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Independent film production company specialized in non hegemonic author animation projects. We cover a range of projects from short films to series and long feature films created by femininities, Queer and LGBT authors.

Productora de animación independiente especializada en proyectos de autor/x no hegemónicos. Nos especializamos en proyectos de cortometrajes, largos y series creados por feminidades, autorxs Queer y LGBT.


Produced Titles

– El Empleo (2008)
– Padre (2013 Argentina – France)
– Disjointed (2017) – Shortfilm


Current projects looking for Co-production

Flesh of God

Shortfilm – 17 min.
Status: Post production
Director: Patricio Plaza
Animation: Diego Polieri
Writter: Patricio Plaza
Technique: 2D cel animation
Genre: Fantasy, Terror
Target: 16+ years old

Budget: 67.000 USD
Confirmed Budget: 50.000 USD (75 %)
Financing: INCAA (Argentina) / FONCA Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales Mexico

Looking for: Post Production Financing

Synopsis: Amidst the mountains somewhere in Latin America, a sick spanish friar is taken by his native disciple to the hut of an old female shaman. The indigenous healer will try to cure the friar with an ancient ritual, using magic mushrooms. The ceremony will have unexpected effects in the mind and body of the friar, questioning his place as an evangelizing force in these strange lands.


Highland’s Shadow

Series – 8 x 11 min.
Status: In development
Director: Paula Boffo
Animation: Juan Huarte
Script: Paula Boffo – Patricio Plaza
Technique: 2D Cel animation
Genre: Action – Fantasy Folklore
Target: Young adults

Budget: USD 358.000
Looking for: Development funding

Storyline: Juana is a 12 year old girl from la Quebrada de Humahuaca whose older sister Marisol has been capturated by a trafficking network. She makes a deal with “Las Degolladas”, two women that has been decapitated and has taken the form of two machetes. The power of the wicked machetes will transform Juana into “La Sombra Del Altiplano”, a revenge-thirsty heroine who seeks to aniquilate the abusers of the region that capture women, and free her sister.