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Nuts Media is a place powered by creativity. Forged by succesful own projects at the local level in Argentina, with feature films, tv shows, and digital content.
We continue growing in co-productions within the Latin America market and now we are in search of new alliances with other continents. Our aim is not only to develop and produce our own content but also to provide animation services

Nuts Media es un lugar potenciado por la creatividad. Forjado desde exitosos proyectos propios a nivel local en Argentina, con largometrajes, series de Tv, y contenidos digitales. Continuamos creciendo en coproducciones dentro del mercado latinoamericano, y ahora en busca de nuevas alianzas con otros continentes. No solo para desarrollar y producir contenidos propios, sino también para brindar servicios de animación.


Current projects looking for coproduction


Feature Film – 80 min.
Status: In development
Director: Marcelo Esteban Echeverria
Animator: Juan Ferro
Script: Marcelo Esteban Echeverria and Luz Marquez
Technique: 3D
Genre: Adventure
Target: Family

Budget: USD 2.207.293
Secured Budget: 30 %
Looking for: co-production

Synopsis: In San Telmo, Astor a stray cat, loses his penultimate life, which confronts him with the terrible reality, that he only has one left. In search of a solution, he listens to his great friend Rodo, a cat with a reality totally different from him. Rodo lives with a writer and found books that speak of Egypt and of a feline deity,there they are immortal, inside a gigantic pyramid. Astor believes that this is his salvation and adventure begins



Series – 13 x 10 min.
Status: In development
Director: Marcelo Esteban Echeverria
Animation: Juan Ferro
Script: Marcelo Esteban Echeverria and Luz Marquez
Tecnique: 3D
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Target: 8 to 12 years old

Budget: USD 2.287.493
Secured Budget: 6%
Financing: INCAA, Patronage of Buenos Aires City, Digitzfilm (Colombia) and “Da Vinci” Animation School (Argentina)
Looking for: Coproduction

Synopsis: SPROUT was born wrong, in a foreign world.His different aspect doesn’t help him to be accepted. Only the presence of his brother and friend CEBY makes him feel warm. He and his family accepted SPROUT from the beginning and fought for him to have the same rights as anyone. But SPROUT has grown up, he is a pre-teen, he is full of questions. Where does he come from? with his friend CEBY, they will look for the ancestors of Sprout and obtain the answer Why was he born steak in a world of vegetables?