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Gonzalo Speranza

Executive Producer
+54 9 11 64885525

Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Animation company with more than 15 years in the market. Our goal is to create intellectual properties with animation as the starting point. We produce feature films, animated series and videogames. We were the first studio to produce a 3D stereoscopic feature film in Argentina. Some of our work has won awards in Argentina, MIPjunior (Cannes), Annecy (France), Hiroshima, Santiago de Chile, and Warsaw, among others.
Our team includes producers, directors, art directors, programmers, community managers and game document designers.
We have ideas and we turn them into reality.

Empresa de animación con más de 15 años en el mercado. Nuestro objetivo es crear propiedades intelectuales con la animación como punto de partida. Producimos largometrajes, series animadas y videojuegos. Fuimos el primer estudio en producir un largometraje 3d estereoscópico en Argentina. Algunos de nuestros trabajos recibieron premios y menciones en Argentina, MIPjunior (Cannes), Annecy (Francia), Hiroshima, Santiago de Chile y Varsovia, entre otros.
Contamos en nuestro equipo con productores, directores, directores de arte, programadores, community managers y diseñadores de documentos de diseño.
Tenemos ideas y las convertimos en realidad.


Feature Films:
– La Maquina que hace estrellas – The Star Maker 2012
– El último Mago – The Last Wizard 2014
– Reinos de Void – Realm of Void- Piloto 2015
– Krakatoa – 13 episodes x 13min in production 2016/2017
– No tan distintos- Not so different 13 episodes x 13min in pre prodution 2016/17

Current projects looking for coproduction

Krakatoa (13×13′)

TV Series
Status: Production
Tecnique: Animation 2.5D
Director: Esteban Echeverria
Animator: Juan Ferro
Writters: Esteban Echeverria and Luz Marquez
Genre: Comedy / Musical
Target: 8/12 years

Budget: USD 400.000
Secured Budget: 80%
Financings: 80% By our producer and Paka Paka tv Chanel kids
Looking for: 20% Of financing

Synopsis: In Now!ville music has been forbidden. Or rather… not all the music. The only music that can be heard is the one distributed by the powerful company YA! All inhabitants of Now!ville work for Yalsam one way or another. Generating a hypnotic effect on people / employees of Now!ville, But in one of the lower districts of the city will emerge an unexpected rock revolution. A group of children to make music, and put together a rock band: KRAKATOA.

Teaser of the project


Verdeo, El bife / Onion, The Steak (13×13′)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: 2d Digital Animation
Director: Esteban Echeverria
Animator: Juan Ferro
Writters: Gonzalo Speranza / Esteban Echeverria
Genre: Comedy
Target: 8/12 years

Budget: USD 400.000
Secured Budget: 20%
Looking for: Financing partners in the IP

Synopsis: VERDEO is an adopted boy, who is very different from the rest. He is rejected by his peers, except by his best friend CEBY. Both of them will embark in an adventure to find VERDEO’s true identity: where is he from? who is he? and above all, why he is a stake in a world of vegetables?.

Teaser of the project


Tierra de Humo / Land Of Haze (90 min.)

Feature Film
Status: In development
Tecnique: 3D
Director: Esteban Echeverria
Animator: Omar Kischilowsky
Writter: Esteban Echeverria
Genre: Adventure
Target: 8/13 years

Budget: USD 3.000.000
Secured Budget: 30%

Synopsis: Two worlds exist on the same planet, Land of Smoke, on the surface, where people die from cold and Scientopia, inside, which owns the only source of heat and whose leader, Gurumak, dominates the people of the surface keeping their babies. That is how, in each world live twin sisters separated at birth, Mesh and Poly, who find themselves and fight together to turn into a single planet again.

Teaser of the project