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NOMAD was born in 2010 as a production company with the aim of developing and producing films and series for the local and international market, with two irreplaceable principles: high artistic and productive value. The specialization in the area of Visual Effects and Animation as part of the strategy has been a pillar in the development of the company, both for the provision of services, and in the identity of our main projects

NOMAD nace en el año 2010 como empresa productora con el objetivo de desarrollar y producir films y series para el mercado local e internacional, con dos principios insustituibles: alto valor artístico y productivo. La especialización en el área de Visual Effects y Animación como parte de la estrategia han sido pilares en el desarrollo de la compañía, tanto para la prestación de servicios, como en la identidad de nuestros principales proyectos.

Current projects looking for coproduction

The Paradise

Feature Film – 93 min.
Status: Production
Director: Federico Breser – Fernando Sirianni
Script: Fernando Sirianni
Technique: 3D
Genre: Drama – Thriller – Action
Target: 16 to 65 years old.

Budget: USD 1.220.340
Secured Budget: USD 1.098.306- ( 90% )

Looking for: Our goal is to complete the financing, either through a financial co-producer, distribution advance, or post-production support funds. We are also interested in meeting International Sales Agents specialized in Adult Animation.

Stroyline: Rosario 1926, Argentina. Magdalena and Anna Scilko arrive from Poland with the promise of a new future. Deceived, they will fall into the hands of the “Clan Abramov”, the criminal organization that ran the largest prostitution network in the city. 74 years later, Magdalena Scilko, a 91 year old survivor, decides to tell for the first time the love story that changed her destiny, revealing the darkest facts behind the triple crime of the “Clan Abramov”, which took place in the “Chicago Argentina”.



Time Of Dragons

Feature film (90 min.) or series. Adaptation of a three novel saga.
Status: In development
Director: Fernando Sirianni – Federico Breser
Script: TBD
Technique: 3D
Genre: Fantasy – Epic – Action
Target: 13 to 65 years old.

Budget Feature film: USD 2.000.000
Secured Budget: USD 200.000  (10%)
Financing: Penguin Random House

Looking for: Our search is aimed at strategic partners, co-producers, VOD signals, international agents, interested in our Intellectual Property, based on the adaptation of a literary saga (trilogy) written by the outstanding writer Liliana Bodoc. To date, Penguin Random House has published the first and second novels, and in 2021 it plans to launch the third to complete the saga.

Storyline: One day, a white dragon reappears in front of humans. The Duáas, led by the tyrant Joria, will struggle to hunt it and recover Beliria, the tyrant’s daughter, who is a prisoner of the dragon.
But Nulán, a young Ochila, with the help of a magician, will become the chosen one to lead a battle, recover his people’s freedom and reset long lost harmony between human beings and dragons.




Series – 8 x 22 min.
Status: In development
Director: Federico Breser – Fernando Sirianni
Script: Fernando Sirianni – Federico Breser
Technique: 3D
Genre: Thriller – Action

Budget: USD 2.800.000
Secured Budget: USD 140.000- (5%)

Looking for: Our search is aimed at strategic partners, co-producers, VOD signals, international agents, interested in telling the most original story about the first superhero in history.

Storyline: Located in early 20th century New York, it tells the story of the first superhero, and the man behind it: the eccentric and genius Nikolai Tesla. A young woman who must face the process of transformation when she discovers her true identity. Her first mission: To test Tesla’s theory about an alien race infiltrated among humans in alliance with J.P. Morgan, and the mysterious corpses that are appearing in the city. BOGDANA. Nikolai Tesla’s only invention that the world ignores.