Daniela Fiore

Director / Producer
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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue


Mutant is a quality animation studio with creative capacity. It offers comprehensive storyboard, animatics, design, concept, animation, color, music and sound services. All supervised by a specialized production and management team. It was conceived with the making of the documentary feature film “Imaginadores”, nominated for the Condor de Plata, AFI Fest and Malaga Festival. Since then, it has grown steadily, gaining vast experience and recognition in the international market for the realization of many advertisements and animations for brands such as Adidas, Real Madrid, Gatorade, Abanca, Grow, 7up, Knorr, Bisolhelix, Bisolvon, Nestle, Coca- Cola, Claro, Orange Card, MTV, Doritos, Geovision, Kiehl´s, Paty, Sadia, Ibupirac, among others. He also produces his own projects and shorts, his latest production “Un Oscuro día de Injusticia” won the CORAL AWARD for the best animation short at the Havana Film Festival (Cuba), award for BEST SHORT FILM in AnimaLatina, FIRST PRIZE and RAFMA AWARD in the International Political Film Festival and PUBLIC AWARD and SPECIAL MENTION in the Human Rights Festival, Finalist in the Baixana Animada Festival. Currently continues to harvest laurels.

Mutante es un estudio de animación de calidad con capacidad creativa. Ofrece servicios integrales de storyboard, animatics, diseños, concept, animación, color, música y sonido. Todo supervisado por un equipo de producción y dirección especializado. Se gestó con la realización del largometraje documental “Imaginadores”, nominado para los Cóndor de Plata, AFI Fest y Festival de Málaga. Desde entonces, ha crecido constantemente, obteniendo vasta experiencia y reconocimiento en el mercado internacion por la realización de muchísimas publicidades y animatics para marcas como Adidas, Real Madrid, Gatorade, Abanca, Grow, 7up, Knorr, Bisolhelix, Bisolvon, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Claro, Tarjeta Naranja, MTV , Doritos , Geovision, Kiehl´s , Paty, Sadia, Ibupirac, entre otros. Produce además proyectos y cortos propios, su última producción “Un Oscuro día de Injusticia” obtuvo el PREMIO CORAL al mejor corto de animación en el Festival de Cine de la Habana (Cuba), premio a MEJOR CORTOMETRAJE en AnimaLatina, PRIMER PREMIO y PREMIO RAFMA en el festival Internacional de Cine Político y PREMIO AL PUBLICO y MENCIÓN ESPECIAL en el Festival de Derechos Humanos, Finalista en el Festival Baixana Animada. Actualmente continua cosechando laureles.


Produced Titles

– Imaginadores (2008) Documentary about Argentine Animation history. Suported by INCAA. Direction: Daniela Fiore/ Production: Shazam & Daniela Fiore – Argentina.
– Un Oscuro Día de Injusticia (2018) Shortfilm. Suported by INCAA. Direction: Daniela Fiore & Julio Azamor. Argentina


Current projects looking for coproduction

Golden Heart

Feature Film – 85 min.
Status: In development
Director: Daniela Fiore
Animation: Julio Azamor
Script: Mariano Selman, Hector Enriquez
Technique: 2D Animation
Genre: Adventure, Sci Fi
Target: 5 to 8 years old

Budget: USD 5.800.000
Secured Budget: USD 870.000, 15%
Financing: Musterdubbing S.R.L., No Problem CINE S.R.L

Looking for: Looking for producers who want to associate for the production of this project

Storyline: Two children from prehistory and their pet travel through different times in history in order to rescue their parents captured by Evil forces from space.



Angela Della Morte

Series – 8 x 23 min.
Status: In Development
Directors: Daniela Fiore – Julio Azamor – Alejandro Alba
Animation: Julio Azamor – Alejandro Alba
Script: Salvador Sanz – Mariano Selman
Technique: 2d Animation
Genre: Sci Fi
Target: +13 years old

Budget: USD 3.400.000
Secured Budget: USD 340.000, 10%
Financing: Musterdubbing S.R.L.

Looking for: Producers who want to associate for the production of this project

Storyline: When the flesh dies, consciousness remains awake for 35-minutes. If by that time the consciousness does not find a new body, dessapears. Following this premise, two corporations fight each other for world domination. Angela is an agent of one of those corporations and will try to let her leader have that power. But these rivals access to the only one who can eliminate the soul definitely. Her mission is to destroy him, but in the end she discovers he is the person she loves.



Last Day

Series – 7 x 12 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Daniela Fiore, Julio Azamor, Alejandro Alba
Animation: Julio Azamor, Alejandro Alba
Script: Daniela Fiore, Julio Miguel Azamor
Technique: 2D Animation
Genre: Drama
Target: +13 years old

Budget: USD 1.800.000
Secured Budget: USD 360.000 , 20%
Financing: INCAA, Musterdubbing S.R.L.

Looking for: Producers who want to associate for the production of this project

Storyline: Autoconclusive stories in shortfilm format which each one tells the last day of life o different person who gone missing during the last Argentinian military coup. These people, somehow, were and are to this day references in the present.