Mundoloco Animation Studios

Gastón Gorali

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One of the top Animation Studios in Latin America. Creators of the box-office hit Metegol/Underdogs, the largest animated film coming out of Latin America to date, and the smash hit TV show “Mini Beat Power Rockers” among others. International awards and recognitions includes Goya, Platino, NY International Children Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival, The Accolade Global Film Competition and Emmy Awards nominations.

Uno de los mejores Estudios de Animación de Latin America. Creadores del hit “Metegol”, el largometraje animado más grande de la region, y el TV show “Mini Beat Power Rockers” entre otros. Ganadora de varios premios internacionales como Goya, Platino, NY International CHildren Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival, The Accolade Film Competition y una nominación a los Emmy Awards.

Produced Titles

  • “Mini BeatPower Rockers” (2015-2019) animated series
  • “Ian, a moving story” (2018) animated shortfilm.
  • “Escape to India” (2018) animated feature film, pre produccion.
  • “Floribella” (2016) animated series.
  • “Metegol / Underdgos (2013)” animated feature film.


Current projects looking for coproduction

Escape a la India / Escape to India

Feature film – Pre-production
Writter: Gaston Gorali, Marcelo Birmajer
Duration: 60 min.
Technique: Animación 3D CGI
Genre: Kids, Adventure
Target: Suitable for all public

Looking for: Financing

Synopsis: Azadi, a cow born in Patagonia, suspects that in India cows are sacred and aren’t sent to the slaughterhouse. She undertakes an initiatory journey in search for freedom. This is her story.