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At Mostra Cine we believe that our audiovisual products should induce viewers to debate about their own worldview and at the same time entertain them. We have wide experience in the production of films and series; on different budgets and genres. We are passionate about the magic of collective work, that is why the main pillar of us the “Mostras” is knowing how to capitalize the synergy generated by teamwork when it comes to producing. We are constantly looking for strategic partners that enhance the quality and visibility of our artistic products.


Produced Titles

  • “Alicia” by Alejandro Rath (2017, Feature Film).
  • “La sombra del gallo” by Nicolás Herzog (2018. Feature Film).
  • “Los que vuelven” by Laura Casabé (2018, Feature Film).
  • “Vuelta al perro” by Nicolas de Cocco (In Development).
  • “El olor del pasto recién cortado” by Celina Murga (In Development).
  • “Antes y después de Maia” by Patricio Vega (In Development).
  • “Haciendo escenas”” by Juan Villegas (2019. Web series).
  • “Feheler” by Gastón Armagno (2019, Web Series).
  • “Dante y los misterios de la Pampa” by Gastón Armagno. (2019, Web Series).
  • “Rangok” by Gastón Armagno (2019, Web series coproduced with UNTREF).


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: In Development
Director: Laura Casabé
Writter: Paula Bistagnino
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 70 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: January 2020

Budget: 140.000 USD
Secured Budget: 28.000 USD (20%)
Financing: Federación Argentina LGTB; Secretaría de políticas de género de la provincia de Buenos Aires; Agencia de noticias Presentes.

Synopsis: In the early 90’s, in the young Argentine democracy, transvestites and trans people were persecuted and imprisoned. An attorney named Angela Vanni is dedicated to removing them from the dungeons and advising them. María Belén Correa was one of the references of the girls and today, along with other of the few survivors, she works to recover that memory by building a “Trans Memory Archive”.



Status: In Development
Director: Eugenio Caracoche
Writter: Matías Bertilotti
Genre: Drama
Duration: 90 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: First Semester 2020

Budget: 600.000 USD
Secured Budget: 210.000 (35%)
Financing: Winer of Reymundo Gleyzer INCAA Contest

Storyline: The film is based on the true story of Andrea Casamento, a woman who’s life collapses when her 18 years old son are falls unjustly imprisoned. While fighting against bureaucracy and her prejudices, she falls in love with a convict. Nowadays, Andrea is a Latin American referent of relatives of prisoners cares; she founded ACIFAD (Relatives of Prisons Association).