Ana Martín

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We are an animation studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We develop original content projects. We offer both creative and production services for a variety of platforms and screens. We specialize in stop-motion animation, a technique we are the most passionate about.

Somos un estudio de animación localizado en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Desarrollamos proyectos de contenido original. Ofrecemos servicios creativos y de producción para diversos formatos y pantallas. La técnica Stop motion es nuestra especialidad y la que más nos apasiona.


Produced Titles

– Float. Stop Motion shortfilm with paper cuts. Moco 2018.
– La Legendaria Clara Confederación de Almagro. Stop Motion shortfilm using plastiline. Canas Verdes 2008


Current projects looking for coproduction


Series – 26 x 3 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Ana Martín
Animation: Ana Martin, Malena Laiño
Script: Malena Laiño
Technique: Pixilation, claymation, stop motion with plastiline, 3D (CGI).
Genre: Comedy
Target: 7 to 9 years old

Budget: USD 480.000
Secured Budget: 5%
Financing: Patronage Program of the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires

Looking for: Financing for production

Storyline: Worldoscopic is pure fun! A micro-universe filled with comical and absurd adventures. With the help of our Super-magnifying Glass we will discover the tiny worlds inhabited by the eccentric bacteria, fungi and viruses that live all around us, but we cannot see with a naked eye.

Pass: 99


The Endless Night

Feature Film – 75 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Ana Martin
Animation: Ana Martin, Malena Laiño
Script: Ana Martin, Carla Maria Gratti
Technique: Stop Motion
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Target: 7 to 9 years old

Budget: USD 1.850.000
Secured Budget: 1%

Looking for: Financing for development

Storyline: Lucas, a city child, walks into the woods playing video-games. He trips and snaps the magic rope, leaving the World day-less. With Uma, the night guardian, they embark on a fantastic story through constellations, facing the guardians to obtain the 12 magic threads, fix the rope and save the World from the Endless Night.