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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Since opening in 2005, Mcfly Studio has been one of the leading animation studios with a track record of more than twelve years providing production and post production services to the film, television and advertising industry.
The specialized critic has recognized with different nominations and prizes the work of McFly Studio such as the FundTv Awards, Fiap, International Festival Expotoons, Rosario International Festival, Lanin Awards, Condor de Plata, among others.

Desde su apertura en 2005, Mcfly Studio es uno de los principales estudios orientados en animación con una trayectoria de más de doce años brindando servicios de producción y post producción para la industria del cine, televisión y publicidad.
La crítica especializada ha reconocido con diferentes nominaciones y premios el trabajo de Mcfly Studio como es el caso de los premios FundTv, Fiap, Festival Internacional Expotoons, Festival Internacional de Rosario, Premios Lanin, Condor de Plata, entre otros.


– Nina / Feature Films / 2017 / Argentina-Brasil
– La Ballena Escarlata / Shortfilm / 2017 / Argentina – Colombia
– Tierra de Rufianes / Series / 2016 / Argentina”

Current projects looking for coproduction

Vikings Robots of Mars (24×11′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: 2D Cut Out Animation
Directors: Carlos Alcalde and Federico Moreno Breser
Animator: Javier Vicente
Writter: Pablo Olivero
Genre: Sci Fi
Target: 10-12 years old

Budget: 850.000 EU
Secured Budget: 20%
Looking for: We are looking for co production partners

Synopsis: Mars is about to be colonized, the numerous robots sent by the earth are creating cities for the humans to arrive with all the necessary services for their survival, these cities are the robot bases of Mars.
But not everyone wants humans to come, as a consecuence of the increasing attack of Martian creatures to these robot bases, the Earth sends a Russian astronaut dog “Laika” with the mission to build a patrol and face this scourge. They will be called “Viking Robot of Mars”.


Bogdana (10×22′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: 2D Animation + 3D enviroments
Director: Federico Moreno Breser
Animator: Nicolás Agarzúa
Writters: Fernando Regueira, Fernando Sirianni and Federico Moreno
Genre: Sci Fi – Thriller
Target: Young Adults ( 15+ )

Budget: 2.600.000 EU
Secured Budget: 20 %
Looking for: We are looking for co production partners.

Synopsis: BOGDANA is a modern, creative animation series that is characterized by lots of suspense and adrenaline rushes.
BOGDANA is the story of the first superhero in history, in fact, a superheroine in this case. Who was behind this first superheroine? No more and no less than the amazing and eccentric Nikola Tesla.
The inventor of the radio and alternate current, a man who was ahead of his time, who masterminded the Internet and space travel, who registered more than seven hundred invention patents… And only one invention that was unknown to the world: BOGDANA.


Land of Rufians (80′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: Mix 2D Animation
Director: Federico Moreno Breser
Animator: Nicolás Agarzúa
Writters: Federico Moreno Breser and Fernando Sirianni
Genre: Film Noir
Target: Teenagers / Adults

Budget: 1.600.000 EU
Secured Budget: 30 %
Looking for: We are looking for co production partners.

Synopsis: Rosario in 1926. Two stories that share a single and singular enemy: La varsovia, the mafia that controls and manages organized crime in Rosario.
On one hand, Ian Abramov, a young ruffian who discovers the treason of his father´s death was on behalf his uncle, Leon Abramov, supreme leader of the family clan and criminal associatio he belongs.
On the other hand, a former surgeon addicted to morphine becames a journalist who falls in love with a prostitute who works in “the paradise “, a brothel ruled by the Warsaw clan, and that will appear dead in an “accident” under very suspicious.
Both characters with their differences and virtues should unite forces to try to stop this monster that destroys everything it touches. Land of Rufians is not just a story of suspense and action, it is also a portrait of a social reality of the which the beautiful city of Rosario was the frame.