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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Since opening in 2005, Mcfly Studio has been one of the leading animation studios with a track record of more than twelve years providing production and post production services to the film, television and advertising industry.
The specialized critic has recognized with different nominations and prizes the work of McFly Studio such as the FundTv Awards, Fiap, International Festival Expotoons, Rosario International Festival, Lanin Awards, Condor de Plata, among others.

Desde su apertura en 2005, Mcfly Studio es uno de los principales estudios orientados en animación con una trayectoria de más de doce años brindando servicios de producción y post producción para la industria del cine, televisión y publicidad.
La crítica especializada a reconocido con diferentes nominaciones y premios el trabajo de Mcfly Studio como es el caso de los premios FundTv, Fiap, Festival Internacional Expotoons, Festival Internacional de Rosario, Premios Lanin, Condor de Plata, entre otros.


– Nina / Feature Films / 2017 / Argentina-Brasil
– La Ballena Escarlata / Shortfilm / 2017 / Argentina – Colombia
– Tierra de Rufianes / Series / 2016 / Argentina”

Current projects looking for coproduction

Sons of Light (90′)

Feature Film
Status: In development
Tecnique: 3D Animation
Director: Federico Moreno Breser
Animator: Maximiliano Schneider
Writters: Juan Sebastian Moreno
Genre: Sci Fi
Target: Teenagers / Adults

Budget: USD 5.000.000
Secured Budget: 20%
Looking for: We are looking for co production partners

Synopsis: In a world where energy has been consumed, cities succumb under ruins of shortages and civil wars. The men grouped in clans annihilate each other guided by a single instinct, survive. The darkness has come to stay and dominates the hearts of men. Two brothers, experts pilots in aerial combat, will have to face their destiny
even if this leads them to a fierce confrontation. One of them must find and restore light, the other will do everything to bury the world into darkness.

Teaser of the project


Tierra de Rufianes / Land of Rufians (80′)

Feature Film
Status: Production
Tecnique: Mix 2D Animation
Director: Federico Moreno Breser
Animator: Nicolas Agarzua
Writter: Nicolas Gorla
Genre: Film Noir
Target: Teenagers / Adults

Budget: USD 1.500.000
Secured Budget: 60 %
Looking for: We are looking for a co production figure in order to finish the remaining production.

Synopsis: An obscure police thriller placed in the 1920s, in the city of Rosario. A journalist will thoroughly investigate to dismantle a human trafficking network, will never imagine that a ruffian within it, will be its main ally.

Teaser of the project