Martin Lopez Funes

Executive Producer
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Established in 2003 Malditomaus is a creative and technically dedicated visual effects & animation studio producing captivating imagery for feature film, television, virtual reality and augmented reality content

Fundado en 2003 y con base en Buenos Aires, Argentina, Malditomaus es un estudio técnico y creativo de animación y efectos visuales que produce imágenes cautivadoras para películas, televisión y otros medios.


Produced Titles

– La Gallina Turuleca (The Wacky Hen) – 2019 – Feature Film – Coproduction Spain – Argentina


Current projects looking for coproduction


Series – 8 x 11 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Fernando Casal, Pablo Fuertes
Animation: Malditomaus
Script: Fernando Casal, Alejandro Robino
Technique: Animacion CG (realtime Render based on Unreal Engine 4)
Genre: Sci Fi, Adventure
Target: +10 years old

Budget: USD 2.500.000
Secured Budget: 10%
Financing: Endemica Studios (Colombia), ZeroUno Games (España), 3Doubles (España), Drakhar Studios (España)

Looking for: Partners, co-production, screens and platforms

Storyline: An underground civilization invaded and dominated the Earth. Adela, slave scientific managed to escape with the mission of reassembling the formula to kill the invaders. This formula has been split and transmitted to the seven free shelters of the resistance that are scattered around the world.

Pass: ID3NTI4