Magma Cine

Juan Pablo Gugliotta

Executive Producer
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Nathalia Videla Peña

Executive Producer
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MAGMA CINE set up by Juan Pablo Gugliotta and Nathalia Videla Peña in 2006. MAGMA’s films have participated in several occasions in the world’s most prestigious festivals and have been commercially released in major markets.
Its founding films were “EL ASALTANTE” and “LA SANGRE BROTA”, both by Pablo Fendrik and premiered worldwide in the Cannes Film Festival Critic Week in 2007 & 2008. It must important films are THE ARDOR, by Pablo Fendrik, Official Selection of Cannes 2014, DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN, by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. Throughout these years, it has produced over 20 full-length films, fictional series and documentaries.


Produced Titles

  • El Asaltante (2007)
  • La sangre brota (2008. Argentina, Francia y Alemania)
  • La segunda muerte (2012)
  • Pensé que iba haber fiesta (2013. Argentina, España)
  • El ardor (2014. Argentina, Brasil, EEUU, México y Francia)
  • Ciudadano Ilustre (2016. Argentina y España)
  • La voz del silencio (2018. Brasil, Argentina)
  • Somos Calentura (2018. Colombia, Argentina)
  • Mas que hermanos (Panama, Argentina)
  • Unidad XV (2018)
  • El diablo Blanco (2019. Argentina, Brasil).


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: In Development
Director: Benjamin Avila
Writters: Paola Campos, Bernardita Olmedo, Fernando Castillo
Genre: Thriller, Historical
Duration: 90 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: March 2020

Budget: 2.000.000 USD
Secured Budget: 1.500.000 USD (75%)

Synopsis: Chile, 1973. After the violence unleashed by the military coup, Cardinal Silva Henríquez begins a work of aid to the victims of repression that opposes his cautious attitude towards the authorities. Gradually he will approach the harsh reality, which will unveil a brutal dictatorship that he will have to face.