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LomoCine is a Buenos Aires based production company, founded in 2008 by Sergio Prá, dedicated to producing feature films, documentaries, commercials and innovative audiovisual and media content for diverse clients around the world.
Lomo has created many highprofile productions beginning with the film “Superclásico”, directed by Ole Cristian Madsen, coproduced with Nimbus Film (DK) and shortlisted for foreign Oscar 2012. In 2015 the film “Itsi Bitsi” also directed by Ole Cristian, the short film “Piñalito” directed by Pablo Fendrik for BID and in 2019 the documentary SOLO directed by Artemio Benki


Produced Titles

  • 2012 SUPERCLASICO – Dir: Ole Christian Madsen – Denmark / Argentina
  • 2015 ITSI BITSI – Dir: Ole Christian Madsen – Denmark / Argentina
  • 2019 SOLO – Dir: Artemio Benki – Francia, Czech Republic, Argentina, Austria


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: In Development
Director: Fernando Szurman
Writters: Fernando Szurman
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 85 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: 2020

Budget: 300.000 USD

Synopsis: As Deleuze points out: “A becoming-animal always involves a pack, a band, a population, a peopling, in short, a multiplicity. We sorcerers have always known that.” We sorcerers is a documentary, based on the homonymous book from Juan Salzano (Argentinian poet and philosopher) that explores the tension between normalized knowledge and the rhizomatic experience of producing a different way of thinking and acting. We sorcerers want to become-documentary.



Status: In Development
Director: Nicolas Tuozzo
Writters: Marco Berger y Nicolás Tuozzo
Genre: Drama
Duration: 100 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: 2020 – 2021

Budget: 14.000.000 USD
Winner of the Ibermedia Program for Development
Winning script for the call of Fundación Carolina for the development of Ibero-American film projects

Synopsis: This tells the story of two priests of great vocation and commitment to their faith who, without being able to neither prevent nor stop it, love each other body and soul, leading a secret life outside the law of God and the Church. After getting infected with HIV, fearing being exposed and questioned by the community, they turn to a hitman in order to save their work and reputation with two bullets.