Lazy Elk Buenos Aires

Guido Kalwill

Producer, Director
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Lazy Elk Buenos Aires is a Film Production and Content Company founded by Guido Kalwill with offices in Buenos Aires and London.
Currently developing Dear Lonesome George, a fiction feature film co-production with Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.
Also a biopic of Søren Kierkegaard, a set of VR/XR short films on tenis, and a TV series about a chef and his restaurant during 1958-1962, a brief period of democracy in Argentina.


Produced Titles

  • The Club 2005
  • Home Argentina-Belgium 2007
  • Søren Turns 200 Argentina-Denmark 2013


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: In Development
Director: Guido Kalwill
Writter: Guido Kalwill
Genre: Coming of age, Romantic comedy, Drama
Duration: 106 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: November 2019

Budget: 3.000.000 USD
Secured Budget: 50%
Financing: Co-producers Denmark 41 Shadows, Norway True North, Netherlands Kaap Holland. Presenting to Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen Film Fund, Norway Film Institute, Midgaard and Zefyr Film Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, INCAA.

Synopsis: A science inclined young kid and his tougher, rugby playing older brother, mourn the passing of their mom and get in trouble at school through the seasons, when they resettle from Bs As to North Patagonia due to their dad’s new senior position at the local hospital.



Status: In Development
Director: Guido Kalwill
Writter: Guido Kalwill
Genre: VR/XR
Duration: 6×5′
Estimated Shooting Date: 2019

Storyline: 6 5-minute interactive VR/XR short films, in illustrations, black & white and color, with Borg vs McEnroe DOP Niels Thastum, Production Designer Mikael Valle Varhelyi, ArtOficcial Agency and illustrators Stina Persson and Fredrik Tjernström. Based on Guillermo Vilas career, from early childhood in the Buenos Aires countryside, to the top of the ATP Circuit, based on archive footage, recordings and contemporary ATP players interviews.