Matias Tondato

Director / Writter
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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

We are the Animation area of IUPA (Arts University) in General Roca, Province of Río Negro, Argentinian Patagonia. We was born incorporated as a space for experimentation, training and generation of high quality content related to digital animation techniques. Our team is composed by teachers and advanced students and graduates. Our goals are to produce original content for all plataform and generating a project incubator. We also providing creative and innovative solutions for the public and private sectors. We are looking to conform shaping a small hub for the production of complex content away from the major urban centers of the country.

Somos el área de Animación del IUPA que funciona en General Roca, Río Negro. Nos constituimos como un espacio de experimentación, formación y generación de contenidos de alta calidad relacionados a las técnicas de animación digital. Estamos conformados por docentes y alumnos avanzados y egresados. Nuestros objetivos son producir contenidos originales para diversos soportes así como generar una incubadora de proyectos. Además proveemos soluciones creativas e innovadoras al sector público y privado. Buscamos conformar un pequeño polo de producción de contenidos complejos, fuera de los grandes centros urbanos del país.


– Las desventuras de Caos y Percance (Pilot, 2014)
– Pintino y sus amigos (Short Series, Publicity, 2015)
– Lua de noche (Short Series, 2016)
– Final feliz (Shortfilm, 2017)

Current projects looking for coproduction

Final feliz / Happy ending (8′)

Status: Production
Tecnique: Cut out
Director: Matías Tondato
Animator: Dante Di Giovanni
Writters: Matías Tondato
Genre: Comedy
Target: Young and adults

Budget: USD 32.000
Secured Budget: 70%
Financings: IUPA
Looking for: Sound Design, Dubbing, Distribution

Synopsis: Mass media announce that not smiling produces sudden death. Citizens, scared, smile cynically and try to be tolerant in unfavorable and ridiculous situations. Felix, a misfit child, is forced under quarantine treatment by his parents, driven by the fear of the imminent threat.

Teaser of the project


Las desventuras de Caos y Percance / The misadventures of Chaos and Mishap (12×12′)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: Frame by frame
Director: Dante Di Giovanni
Animator: Dante Di Giovanni
Writters: Dante Di Giovanni
Genre: Comedy
Target: Childs and Adults

Budget: USD 50.000
Secured Budget: 35%
Financing: IUPA
Looking for: Animation department, Sound Design, Dubbing

Synopsis: The cat Chaos and the dog Mishap, live at The Riggings, a young stepfamily formed by Charles and Miriam, parents of 3 children: Maxi (14), Jasmine (22) and Michelle (7). All live in a warm middle-class home in a quiet neighborhood.
Each chapter shows extraordinary and catastrophic conflicts and characters that bursts into the family and neighborhood. Chaos and Mishap manage to solve with guts and wit, but with the scandal and disorder that characterizes them.

Teaser of the project