Inocencia Cero

Victoria Miranda

Producer / Director
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Innocence zero is in a particular way of making audiovisual products from the concretion of a script to the final product. We are a team of professionals trained to realize audiovisual products with excellence and of different budgets and genres for Cinema, Television and platforms, for varied spectators. Our only promise is that the product will be unique, as our quality and content permeates the viewer of symbols on an irreversible way.

Inocencia cero es en un modo particular de hacer productos audiovisuales desde la concreción de un guion hasta el producto final. Somos un equipo de profesionales capacitados para realizar productos audiovisuales con excelencia y de diferentes presupuestos y géneros para Cine, Televisión y plataformas, para variados espectadores. Nuestra única promesa es que el producto será único, ya que nuestra calidad y contenido impregna al espectador de símbolos en un viaje irreversible.


– Eso que llaman amor (Feature Film)
– Un día Perfecto (Short film)
– Comodos (Short Film)
– Tradición (Documental)
– La Otra Punta (Documental)
– Los Pibes del Puente (Tv serie)

Current projects looking for coproduction

Lo habras imaginado (90 min)

Status: Pre-production
Director: Victoria Chaya Miranda
Writter: Victoria Chaya Miranda
Genre: Thriller

Budget: USD 590.000
Secured Budget: 40 %
Financing: INCAA, to be confirmed / Daniel Jerozolimski

Storyline: “IT CAN NOT BE TRUE is a Feature Film Police genre that is about paedophile Fabiola (39) an absent and apathetic accountant through the visit of his uncle Angel to celebrate Christmas. She will try bring to light their real perceptions. Dangeuros international paedophile network reveal the true identity his family. Finally it demonstrated that paedophile is emerging first, and unfailingly the justice into freedom, but the cost can be very high.”