Maria Belen Tagliabue

Filmmaker and Cinematographer
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Agostina Ravazzola

Filmmaker and Art Director

Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

INDIAS is an independent production company specialized in animation techniques, founded in 2012. We work with all kinds of materials and techniques such as stop motion, pixelation, rotoscopy, cut out and motion graphics . So far we have produced three independent films as The Bridge (2012 ), Amber ( 2014) and Pixied (2017) that won several awards in Argentina and abroad.

INDIAS en una productora independiente especializada en animación, fundada en 2012. Trabajamos con todo tipo de materiales y técnicas como stop motion, pixelation, rotoscopia, cut out y motion graphics. Hasta el momento hemos producido tres cortometrajes independientes, EL PUENTE (2012) de Agostina Ravazzola, AMBAR (2014) de Belen Tagliabue y Melina Menendez y PIXIED (2017) de Agostina Ravazzola y Gabriela Sorroza, que obtuvieron diversos reconocimientos en Argentina y el exterior.


AMBER” (2014) shortfilm produced in stop motion cut out and digital cut out for backgrounds techniques, co- directed by Belén Tagliabue and Melina Menéndez. Selected in more than 20 national and international festivals. Amber has won best school short categories in Expotoons IX edition, REC Festival 6th edition, 3th edition of Anima Latina and Festival de cine para la Infancia y Juventud.
PIXIED” (2017) is a pixilation short film, co-directed by Agostina Ravazzola and Gabriela Sorroza. So far has been selected in thirteen festivals all over the world, such as the 32nd Edition of the Festival Internacional de Mar del Plata, Stop motion Montreal, in the Ottawa International Festival in the SalónDesRefusee, Chilemonos, Animage and Animacaribe.
And Pixied has won the best short category in IV Taller Latinoamericano de Stop Motion, the audience award in the first edition of Our Fest, and best cinematography in the 14th TAFIC.
THE BRIDGE” (2012) is a puppet stop motion short film, directed by Agostina Ravazzola. It has been screened at least in fifty national and international festival such as Stoptrik Festival, Stop Motion México, Kinofest, MUMIA, BAFICI and UNCIPAR. The Bridge has won best animated short film in the fifth edition FICVAC (Colombia) and Festival de cine de Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina) and mentions in animation categories in other national festivals.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Bar La Matanza (3 min)

Status: Pre-production
Tecnique: Stop motion cut out
Director: María Belén Tagliabue
Animator: María Belén Tagliabue and Agostina Ravazzola
Writter: María Belén Tagliabue
Genre: Fantasy
Target: Suitable for all publics

Budget: 20.000 USD
Secured Budget: 13.4 %
Financing: Materiales por canje en Liquitex por $7000 / Donación del alquiler de equipos técnicos $30.000 / Donación de honorarios de técnicos $30.000
Looking for: Co-productions and technical alliances

Synopsis: Bar La Matanza is a short film made using stop motion. It narrates the story of Soledad, a woman who has taken so much notice of other people’s opinions that she has lost the shape of her body. Her features are in constant flux because of the bodies of people who express opinions about her.

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Sow (3 min)

Status: Pre-production
Tecnique: Stop motion
Director: Agostina Ravazzola
Animator: Agostina Ravazzola and Belén Tagliabue
Writter: Agostina Ravazzola
Genre: Fantasy
Target: Suitable for all publics

Budget: 40.000 USD
Secured Budget: 0 %
Looking for: Co-productions, business and technical alliances

Synopsis: Seed is a stop motion short film that tells the story of R, an activist, that seeds a terrorist atack and generates the end of the world as we know it. The attack consists in seeding a plant that grows and takes all the cities, destroying the eletrical and communications network. In this place is where he discovers that plants have beared fruit and that it can be food and also source of electric power giving the chance to build a new and different world.

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