Agostina Ravazzola

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INDIAS is a Animation Company founded in 2012. We work with all kinds of materials and different techniques, such as stop motion, pixilation, rotoscoping, cut out and motion graphics. So far, we have produced three independent short films. Two of them, The Bridge (2011), Ambar (2014), Pixied (2017) and Transmuta (2018) have won several awards in Argentina and abroad.

INDIAS es un estudio de animación fundado en el año 2012. Trabajamos con todo tipo de materiales y técnicas de animación como stop motion, pixilation, rotoscopia, cut out y motion graphics. Hasta el momento hemos producido cuatro cortometrajes independientes, El puente (2011), Ambar (2014), Pixied (2017) y Transmuta (2018), que obtuvieron diversos reconocimientos en Argentina y el exterior.


Produced Titles

– Veo veo 2020 – Colective Shortfilm
– Transmuta 2019 – Shortfilm
– En Boca de Todas 2019 – Colective Shortfilm
– Mofletes 2018 – Videoclip
– Pixied 2017 – Shortfilm
– Avestruz 2017 – Videoclip
– Ámbar 2015 – Shortfilm
. El Puente 2012 – Shortfilm


Current projects looking for coproduction

Bar La Matanza

Shorfilm – 4:40
Status: Pre production
Director: María Belén Tagliabue
Animation: María Belén Tagliabue
Script: María Belén Tagliabue
Technique: Stop motion
Genre: Magical realism
Target: Teen, Young adults

Budget: USD 33.250
Secured Budget: 28%
Financing: Ciudad de Buenos Aires Patronage/ Impulso Cultural 2019

Looking for: Coproducers, Alliances.

Storyline: Bar la Matanza is the story of Pato, a person who became what others think about her. To heal her anguish she goes through a shop gallery, with many people, untill she reaches the bathroom of a bar. In front of a mirror, she discovers for the first time that her body changes in an uncontrolled way. Rebelling against her own image, Pato breaks the mirror and makes those voices no longer be part of her life. Now she chooses who she is.




Shortfilm – 6 min.
Status: Production
Director: Agostina Ravazzola
Animationa: Agostina Ravazzola
Script: Agostina Ravazzola
Technique: Stop Motion puppets
Genre: Sci Fi
Target: Teen, Young adults

Budget: USD 57.000
Secured Budget: %82
Financing: Ciudad de Buenos Aires Patronage 2018

Looking for: Coproducers

Storyline: Sow is a science fiction short film that tells the story of Ricky, a scientist and activist, that commits a terrorist attack that consists in seeding a plant that grows and takes the cities, destroying the electrical and communication networks.