Fernando Casal

Director, Transmedia Producer
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It is an platform, with free access. Together with our guestAdela, we will follow the digital carbon footprint. Learning, informing us, seeing the consequences, playing games, becoming aware to reduce it. From any device. We will monitor in real time our emissions of Digital CO2.

Es una plataforma, de libre acceso. Junto a nuestra guest Adela, seguiremos la huella de carbono digital. Aprendiendo, informándonos, viendo las consecuencias, jugando, tomando consciencia para reducirla. Desde cualquier dispositivo, haremos un trackeo en tiempo real de nuestras emisiones de CO2 digital.


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Series – 8 x 24 min.
Status: In development
Director: Fernando Casal & Pablo Fuertes
Animation: Franco Nova & Gabriel Salinas
Script: Alejandro Robino & Fernando Casal
Technique: 3D Animation CG
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure
Target: 12+ years old

Budget: USD 2.800.000
Confirmed Budget: 2%
Financing: INCAA and “Comunidad de Madrid” Award for Videogame Development 2020
Looking for: International coproduction and new partners

Synopsis: Earth has been invaded and dominated by an underground civilization. Adela, a slave scientist, manages to escape with the mission to rearm the formula that will allow to annihilate the invaders. Which was divided and transmitted to the 7 shelters free of human resistance scattered on the planet.