Heroica Cine

Lucia Robles

Filmmaker/ Art Director
+64 276216875


Born in Córdoba, 1986. She is an audiovisual artist with UNC and a Cinemathographer with CFP SICA.

Was an assistant to the artist Luis Gonzales Palma and worked in the areas of production and photography in film and tv.

Three years ago she started with Heroica Cine, an audiovisual production company dedicated to animation, fiction, and transmedia films, where she worked as a director. The company has been the receiver of different awards and distinctions, including FNA Training Scholarship 2017, Fund for the development of the transmedia series INCAA 2017, Future Platform 2016, FNA Group Scholarship 2015, and Annual Prize for the Arts 2014.


  • Model 222, Animated Shortfilm. 2017/2018
  • Tokua, the adventure. Trasmedia Series. 2017/2018

Current projects looking for coproduction

Model 222 (10′)

Status: In development
Tecnique: Stop motion
Director: Lucia Robles
Animator: Lucia Robles and Aniela Condori
Writters: Lucia Robles
Genre: Fiction
Target: Model 222 wants to reach a general adult public around the world that appreciates the sensitive and expressive universal language of the image and sound without words.

Budget: 40.000 USD
Secured Budget: 20%
Financing: Fondo Nacional de las Artes
Looking for: We want to continue with Model 222. We already have the set, a puppet y we did several test but we need to improve the puppet structure and have better lighting equipment. We will also need support to finish the image and sound post production stage.

Synopsis: Teo is a man passionate about radio transmission. Eager to build a new transmitter, he works in his workshop every day. One morning he receives the new and promising “Model 222”, a machine capable of fulfilling his expectations. But, suddenly, the machine comes alive.