Mauro Rodeyro



We are a work team specially assembled in order to develop our project of a musical full-length film with active participation from different parts of the world.

Somos un equipo de trabajo reunido especialmente con el fin de desarrollar nuestro proyecto de un largometraje musical con participación activa de diversas partes del mundo

Current projects looking for Co-production

El Principito Hoy / The Little Prince Today

Feature Film – In production
Director: Mauro Rodeyro
Animator: Pascal Sibertin
Writter: Mauro Rodeyro
Duration: 90 min.
Technique: 2D, Stop Motion, 3D
Genre: Musical
Target: Family movie

Budget: 1.000.000 USD
Confirmed Budget: 20%
Looking for: Co production for diferents shorts films wich are part of the film

Synopsis: It is a contemporary version of the book The Little Prince where the aviator is an office worker who lives in his apartment and meets this little blond boy who starts and visits him and transported to oniric desert. At the same time this time child shares stories of their experiences before arriving at the aviator home with the particularity that in each of these stories the child transmutes aesthetically with the ethnic features of the places he visits.