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Gabriela Uassouf

Director, Writter
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GRONCHO is an Argentine production company born in 2014. We draw our inspiration from grassroots stories. We specialize in gender diversity and equality and produce advertising, web and tv contents and films around it. In 2018 we launched MOCHA, a feature documentary about the first Transsexual high-school of the world, winner of several prizes and partipant of the Guadalajara International Film Festival 2019.


Produced Titles

  • MOCHA – 2018


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: In Development
Director: Gabriela Uassouf and Martina Matzkin
Writter: Gabriela Uassouf
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 73 min
Estimated Shooting Date: December 2019

Budget: 140.000 USD
Secured Budget: 20%
Financing: INCAA

Synopsis: Three Transexual women work as caregivers in a nursing home for the elderly in Argentina. The residents’ daily life tends to be a long wait towards death. Their new caregivers challenge them to live rather than to survive.