Florencia Lemoine

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Production – Developing contents – VFX – Animation features.

Productora dedicada a la producción de contenidos, los efectos visuales y largometrajes de animación.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Quijotes (85 min)

Status: In development
Director: Gonzalo Gutierrez
Writter: Carlos Kotkin / Gonzalo Gutierrez / Pablo Biondi
Genre: Animation

Budget: USD 8.000.000
Secured Budget: 70%

Storyline: A fierce storm is sweeping the town of La Mancha forcing its inhabitants to leave. 11-year-old Alfonso sees the storm as a menacing monster. Convinced that he is the legitimate heir of Don Quixote, Alfonso will attempt to stop it alongside Pancho Panza and their brave friend Victoria. The children will embark upon a wild journey where they will discover the true value of friendship.


AURORA (85 min)

Status: In development
Director: Gonzalo Gutierrez
Writter: Gonzalo Gutierrez / Florencia Lemoine / Pablo Biondi
Genre: Sci Fi

Budget: USD 3.000.000
Secured Budget: 30%

Storyline: Aurora, a 32 year old reporter, travel at a private mountain retreat belonging Alexis Dubois, the most important scientific of our time to make him an exclusively interview. But when Aurora arrives at the remote location she finds that she is part of one of his perverse experiments in which she must interact with different parallel realities.