Eva Mariela Lauria

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She worked in advertising productions for several years where she made commercials and video clips for various record companies. From 2008 to 2012 she worked as a General Producer in “”EPL”” Sebastián Mignogna’s production company where she made documentaries and TV series for public education channels.
In 2012 she joined the production company H1520 as General Producer until December 2015. The most notable works are “”La Fusa de Vinicius”” and “”GILDA, I do not regret this love”” all productions directed by Lorena Muñoz. During 2016 she independently produced La novia del desierto in co-production with Chile.

Trabajó para productoras de publicidad durante varios años y video clips para distintas compañías discográficas. A partir de 2008 se convirtió en Productora General de EPL de Sebastián Mignogna donde realizó cantidad de documentales para las señales públicas. En 2012 comenzó a desarrollar proyectos de cine y televisión en la productora Habitación 1520 y asesoró a Casas Productoras de TV insipientes desde la Cámara Argentina de Productoras Pymes Audiovisuales CAPPA en el marco de distintos CCT que regulan la industria.


– La Novia del Desierto Argentina – Chile

Current projects looking for coproduction

El buen salvaje (90 min)

Status: In development
Director: Octavio Scopilliti
Writter: Octavio Scopilliti
Genre: Comedy

Budget: USD 830.000
Secured Budget: USD 325.000

Storyline: The Good Savage is a comedy that takes a good-humored look into everything that both propels and hinders loving relationships. It’s a metaphor for the birth, decadence and resurrection of any marital relationship.