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Luz Marquez

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Florentina González and Luz Marquez are, respectively, the director and scriptwriter of “El After del Mundo”, a short film that has participated during 2019 and 2020 in the film laboratories APA- lab (Córdoba) and ShortWay-Pixelatl (Mexico), where it won the first prize. The project is currently in the official selection of the Annecy Film Festival. During October and September it will attend the markets of Chilemonos and Pixelatl.

Florentina González y Luz Marquez son, respectivamente, la directora y la guionista de “El After del Mundo”, un cortometraje que ha participado durante el 2019 y 2020 de los laboratorios de cine APA- lab (Córdoba) y ShortWay-Pixelatl (México), donde salió ganador del primer premio. El proyecto se encuentra actualmente en la selección oficial de Annecy Film Festival. Durante octubre y septiembre asistirá a los mercados de Chilemonos y Pixelatl.



Produced Titles

Trompita y la Migración de Liebres (Tiny Snout and the Hare Migration), by Forentina González.
Silencio siesta (Direction, Production and Script by Luz Marquez)

Current projects looking for coproduction

The World’s After

ShortFilm – 8 min’
Status: In Development
Director: Florentina González
Script: Luz Márquez
Technique: 2D Digital and Traditional
Genre: Existencialist Adventure
Target: Teenagers and adults

Confirmed budget: 20%
Looking for: Co-producers, distributors and broadcasters

Storyline: Humanity no longer exists, only Fluor and Carlix remain, two ghosts in comfortable sports clothes. They meet while wandering among the remains of an extinct civilization, looking for a Wi-Fi connection, and a giant cetacean’s head. Together they listen to doomsday’s final playlist.