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Flixxo is a disruptive streaming platform, focused on short form series. As a part of its strategy, Flixxo has started producing original content, specially adult animations. We have acquired the rights and have produced two new seasons of the cult cartoon “Alejo & Valentina”, showcased between 2004-2007 on MTV, we have partnered with popular influencers, developing products such as the YouTube hit “Chuppa Pig”, and produced brand new shows such as “Bizarre Criatures”

Flixxo es una plataforma de streaming innovadora, orientada a las series de formato corto. Como parte de su estrategia, Flixxo ha comenzado a desarrollar sus propias producciones originales, especializándose en animación para adultos. Hemos adquirido los derechos y producido dos nuevas temporadas de la serie de culto “Alejo y Valentina”, emitida del 2004 al 2007 por MTV, hemos realizado alianzas con populares influencers para realizar series como el éxito de YouTube “Chuppa Pig” y hemos encarado producciones originales, como “Criaturas Bizarras”


Produced Titles

– Criaturas Bizarras (series, 2020)
– Alejo & Valentina (series, 2004-2007 and 2020)


Current projects looking for coproduction

Bizarre Creatures

TV Series – 5 x 6 min.
Status: Production
Director: Julián Cortizo
Animation: Mario Falcon
Script: Julian Cortizo, Mario Falcón, Ramiro Dunogent
Technique: 2D
Genre: Comedy
Target: 14 to 24 years old

Budget: USD 30.000
Secured Budget: 50%
Financing: Flixxo

Looking for: Co-production

Storyline: Bizarre Creatures is a satire of modernity in the developing countries narrated through the misadventures of a group of friends with peculiar features who represent the archetypes of the worst of human wretchedness in society: misogyny, bureaucracy, xenophobia. Cultural clash, racism, labor exploitation, corruption, pollution, abuse of the media and social media, and social and economic inequality are represented through the pop culture icons of the 80s and 90s.



Alejo & Valentina

TV Series – 53 x 24′ (already produced) + 26 x 12′
Status: Production
Director: Adrian Peralta
Animation: Adrian Peralta
Script: Adrian Peralta, Alejandro Szykula
Technique: 2D
Genre: Comedy
Target: 14-24 (with a strong audience 24-34)

Budget: USD 87,000 (one season 13×12)
Secured Budget: 60%

Looking for: CoProduction

Storyline: Alejo & Valentina is a cult cartoon for young adults, that has been broadcasted on MTV from 2004 to 2007. With a huge fan base all around the world, and a strong collaboration with popular influencers, A&V parodies most of the iconic movies and series from the 80s to 2020s (Back to the Future, Matrix, Breaking Bad, He-Man, Never Ending Story and more) with a South Park like aesthetics.