Duermevela SRL

Tomás Lipgot

+54 9 11 38330996

The production company was founded by filmmaker Tomas Lipgot and is strong lybiased on the production of documentaries feature films, animations and video clips.

With over 12 years experience in the film industry, Duermevela own integrally produced eigth films (“Casafuerte”, “Strengths”, “Ricardo Becher, Recta Final”, “Moacir”, “The Tree on the wall”, “Waldenses”, “Shame and Respect” and “Moacir III”).
All these works have been released commercially, and were performed in more than 200 international film festivals, earning several awards.

La productora fue fundada por el cineasta Tomás Lipgot y tiene un fuerte acento en la producción de documentales, películas de ficción, animaciones y videoclips.

Con más de 12 años de experiencia en la industria del cine, Duermevela ha producido integralmente 8 largometrajes propios (“Casafuerte”, “Fortalezas”, “Ricardo Becher, Recta Final”, “Moacir”, “El Arbol de la muralla”, “Valdenses”, “Vergüenza y Respeto” y “Moacir III”).
Todos estos trabajos han sido estrenados comercialmente y han recorrido más de 200 festivales internacionales de cine, obteniendo diversos premios y reconocimientos.


– Casafuerte (2004)
– Fortalezas (2010)
– Ricardo Becher, Recta Final (2010)
– Moacir (2011)
– El arbol de la muralla (2012)
– Valdenses ( 2015 Brasil- Italia)
– Verguenza y Respeto (2015)
– Moacir III (2017 Brasil)

Current projects looking for coproduction

GILGAMESH (95 min)

Status: Production
Director: Tomas Lipgot
Writter: Tomas Lipgot
Genre: 3D Animation

Budget: USD 4.000.000
Secured Budget: 50 %
Financing: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute) / Hookup animation

Storyline: This incredible story is approximately four thousand years old and belongs to the now extinct Sumer culture, settled in the origins of human civilization.
This is one of history´s most ancient stories, an epic tale about the father of all heroes. The myth tells the story of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, the grandiose walled city he founded.
TEASER: https://vimeo.com/112197731



Status: Pre-Production
Director: Daniel Gimelberg
Writters: Andi Nachon / Daniel Gimelberg / (Based in the original idea of Cesc Gay)
Genre: Romantic comedy

Budget: USD 1.000.000
Secured Budget: 65 %
Financing: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute) / Coproduction with “Oh my Gomez”

Storyline: “The Chosen” is a mordant and emotional comedy about a gay couple in Buenos Aires that is looking to adopt a child and start a family. A story about the conflicts the two men will face and their relationship and, above all, is a story about all the unexpected adversities they will face before they reach their objective.