Dream Big Pictures

Paula Schargorodsky

Director / Producer / Writter
+ 54 9 11 4493 1271


Dream Big Pictures is an emerging company, constituted by female filmmakers, focused on storytelling through documentaries and Interactives projects. Among their works are: the short film Op doc 35 and single released on the website of The New York Times that went viral on social networks and major media worldwide; 35 y soltera, feature documentary film, premiered at BAFICI Avant-Garde & Genre competition; Get Over it, Interactive Project; and GURU, an upcoming documentary on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, supported by Incubadora Documental I.N.C.A.A


Produced Titles

  • 35 & Single (Short Film, 2015)
  • 35 & Single (Feature Films, 2016)
  • Get Over It (Interactive Proyect, 2015)
  • Guru and The FARC (Short Film, 2016)


Current projects looking for coproduction


Status: Pre-Production
Director: Paula Schargorodsky
Writters: Alejandra Almirón and Paula Schargorodsky
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 90 min.
Estimated Shooting Date: Sep 2019

Budget: 760.000 USD
Secured Budget: 380.000 USD (50%)

Synopsis: Who is the man behind the ultimate pop guru of the century? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar mediate between presidents and guerrillas, he twits, jumps onstage like a rock star, and has millions of followers across the planet. Some people see him as the new Gandhi, but others think he is
just smoke and mirrors.
Paula chases after him across more than 60 cities around the globe. This guru is a riddle she has the urge to resolve.