Fernando Abdala

Chief Creative Officer – Founder
+54 11 47970634

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Cubo Mágico is a strategic content production company. We produce and distribute content considering its potential growth in digital platforms. We use innovative and disruptive production methods that make processes efficient and fast. We are focused on animated kids content.

We offer Real Time Animation production service using Motion Capture technology and real time rendering.

Cubo Mágico en una agencia y productora estratégica de contenidos. Producimos y distribuimos contenidos considerando el potencial de crecimiento en plataformas digitales. Utilizamos métodos de producción innovadores y disruptivos, que hacen los procesos más eficaces, económicos y rápidos. Nos enfocamos en contenidos animados para niños.


Produced Titles

– Boingus – Animated Series for kids in preschool
– Toobys – Animated Series – Songs for kids in preschool
– Leoncito Alado – Animated Series – Songs for kids in preschool


Current projects looking for coproduction


Series – 5 x 26 min.
Status: In development
Director: Fernando Abdala
Animation: José Espana’s Team
Script: Yago Blanco
Technique: 3D in real time and traditional 3D
Genre: Kids
Target: PreSchool children

Budget: USD 195.000
Secured Budget: 40%

Looking for: Co-production and distribution.
Boingus has already been launched as musical videos for kids and we want to expand the IP.
After our experience in audience growth with other IPs, we identify a big opportunity in the kids content vertical by executing specific strategies and producing in disruptive ways. Understanding today’s needs we produce using innovative technologies (motion capture and real time 3d animation) that allow us to be fast, efficient and competitive.

Synopsis: A lovely bouncy family and their friends have adventures every day while they learn, sing and have fun.
Boingus is an entertaining and educational series for preschoolers.
Boinguses are, to a certain extent, a reflection of children’s qualities. They are colorful, fun and restless.Things almost never turn out the way they’d like, but they always react with a smile and try again. They have the ability to transform without limitations.
Boingus inspires preschoolers’ creativity.