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CRUDO FILMS is a production company dedicated to genre films. So far we produced more than 10 movies, some of them with great success internationally. A few of these titles are SHE WOLF by Tamae Garateguy, THE SUN by Ayar Blasco and KRYPTONITA by Nicanor Loreti, the latter getting to form the successful TV series NAFTA SUPER. We are currently premiering the new Ayar Blasco movie LAVA.

Crudo Films es una productora cinematográfica especializada en películas de género.
 Hasta ahora hemos hecho más de 10 películas muchas de ellas con éxito internacional. Algunos de estas son “Mujer lobo” de Tamae Garateguy, “El Sol” de Ayar Blasco y “Kryptonita” de Nicanor Loreti, y la exitosa serie de TV “Nafta súper”. Actualmente estamos presentando la nueva película de Ayar Blasco, LAVA.


Produced Titles

– LAVA (2019) Feature Film.
– MATAR AL DRAGÓN (2019) Feature Film.
– EXPANSIVAS (2020, coproduced with Spain) Feature Film.
– CLEMENTINA (2016) Feature Film.
– KRYPTONITA (2015) Feature Film.
– MUJER LOBO (2013) Feature Film.
– POMPEYA (2010) Feature Film.
– EL SOL (2009) Feature Film.
– ESTRELLAS (2007) Feature Film.
– MORIRÁN LOS NIÑOS (2019) Shortfilm.

Current projects looking for coproduction


Feature Film – 63 min.
Status: Post-Production
Director: Ayar Blasco
Animation: Sebastián Ramseg
Script: Ayar Blasco, Salvador Sanz, Nicolás Britos
Technique: 2D and 3D animation
Genre: SciFi, Comedy
Target: Young adults and adults

Budget: USD 300.000
Secured Budget: 100%
Financing: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute)

Looking for: Sales Agent

Storyline: All media was invaded. Everything, the internet, television and radio were suddenly interrupted by an intrusive signal. The same image was projected on all screens. Nothing like it was seen before. Someone is sending some sort of encrypted message through media.
Everybody is made captive, bewitched. The invaders are manipulating the mind of the people so they can go undercover, unnoticed among us.




Feature Film – 65 min.
Status: In Development
Director: Ayar Blasco
Animation: Sebastián Ramseg
Script: Ayar Blasco
Techinque: 2D and 3D animation
Genre: Comedy
Target: Young adult and adults

Budget: USD 300.000
Looking for: Co-producer, Financing Partner, Sales Agent

Storyline: The love adventures of a young, single, a little crazy, complicated man in a little crazy, complicated world, told in an animated Ayar Blasco style