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Gabriel Grieco

Producer / Director
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Crep Films is the audiovisual company of Gabriel Grieco, director of cinema, tv and advertising. We have a stable working group, with extensive experience in different entertainment products: Commercials, Tv Spots, Music Videos, TV and Internet Series, Fiction: Feature Films, Short Films, and Documentaries. Customers such as Disney, Warner, Sony Music , Sol90, LG, Clarin, Editorial Planeta, Marisa Sacco Communication and Marketing, choose us day by day. Our films are: Still Life (2014), Gauchito Gil (2016), Breathe (2017).

Crep Films es la empresa audiovisual de Gabriel Grieco, director de cine, tv y publicidad. Contamos con un grupo estable de trabajo, con ámplia experiencia en productos de entretenimiento de diferente índole: Comerciales, Tv Spots, Music Videos, Series para Tv e Internet, Ficción: Largometrajes, Cortometrajes, y documentales.Clientes como Disney, Warner, Sony Music, Sol90, LG, Clarin, Editorial Planeta, Marisa Sacco Comunicación y Marketing, nos eligen día a día. Nuestras peliculas son: Naturaleza Muerta (2014), Gauchito Gil (2016), Respira (2017).


– Dr. Mendoza (2012)
– Naturaleza Muerta (2014)
– Respira (2017)

Current projects looking for coproduction

Respira (90 min)

Status: Pre-production
Director: Gabriel Grieco
Writter: Lautaro Vilo
Genre: Thriller

Budget: USD 400.000
Secured Budget: USD 300.000
Financing: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute) / Sofia Films Mexico

Storyline: Leonardo is a comercial pilot. He cannot get a job and he founds one as a pilot of a crop duster plane of soybean fields. He has a baby and he needs to work to support his family. He and his family moves to the town and he starts working spraying toxic insecticides to the soy with his plane. Soon something happens, animals start dying and villagers starts having illness and deformities. Leonardo will be caught in a war against deformed villagers who wants to take revenge on him.


Existir (80 min)

Status: In development
Director: Ezequiel De Almeida
Writter: Dario Steimberg
Genre: Sci Fi – Drama

Budget: USD 250.000
Secured Budget: USD 125.000
Financing: Private Funding

Storyline: A cycle of travel between parallel universes interweaves the life of two men: one who fights to recover the lost woman, and another who does everything possible not to lose her