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Competir Edtech Company is a Triple-Impact organization with 20 years in the industry, dedicated to digital transformation solutions for edutainment and learning at home and schools, with more than 19 IPs (Intellectual Properties) that promote learning, the significant use of technology and a performative innovation.

Compet Edtech Company es una organización de triple impacto con 20 años en la industria, dedicada a soluciones de transformación digital para el entretenimiento educativo y el aprendizaje en el hogar y las escuelas, con más de 19 IP (propiedades intelectuales) que promueven el aprendizaje, el uso significativo de la tecnología y un innovación performativa.


Produced Titles

– Los creadores (2015)
– Figo El Curioso (2018)
– Los Appis (2019)


Current projects looking for coproduction


Series – 26 x 24 min.
Status: Post production
Director: Pablo Aristizabal
Animator: Encuadre
Script: Pablo Aristizabal – Esteban Garrido – Daniela Correa – Solange Rodriguez Soifer
Technique: Live action – 3D
Genre: Fiction
Target: Kids

Budget: USD 800.000
Secured Budget: 70%
Financing: Telefonica

Looking for: Co production for 3rd Season

Storyline: A team of friends, with the guidance of Teacher Flex, will face every challenge by creating the most fantastic solutions through fun science, while a duo of villains will try to get in their way and take over Creápolis, the city of  Creators.



The Appis

Series – 39 x 8 min.
Status: Pre production
Director: Pablo Aristizabal
Animation: A365 Studios
Script: Pablo Aristizabal – Daniela Correa – Solange Rodriguez Soifer
Technique: 2D
Genre: Fiction
Target: Kids

Budget: USD 390.000
Secured Budget: 20%

Looking for: Co production

Storyline: For years they lived in a neighborhood behind our mobile screens. But tired of a life where “Little Thumb Gods” command their destiny, they will begin to question everything as new neighbors arrive in the area. Meanwhile, the Beta’s, who are the newborns in the Appi’s World, with their clumsy attitude, create chaos each step of the way. Through their adventures.