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Pablo Mazzola

Distributor / Programmer/ Sales
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Compañía de cine was created gaze at the different cinematography ways. We aimed on vanguard, author, and artistic cinema. Working promotion and management from audiovisual training, festivals, retrospectives and film events, to international distribution and sales. Every gesture, every expression is unique in our company.

Compañía de cine es un espacio constituido para las diversas manifestaciones cinematográficas. Desde la formación audiovisual, al campo de la asesoría en festivales, retrospectivas y eventos de cine, hasta la distribución y venta internacional. Nos identifican conceptos como promoción y gestión audiovisual, el cine de vanguardia, el artístico y de autor. Generamos espacios de debates, clínicas y constitución de proyectos. Trabajamos con el circuito comercial y el alternativo.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Breve historia del planeta verde / Brief Story From the Green Planet (90 min)

Status: In development
Director: Santiago Loza
Writter: Santiago Loza
Genre: Fiction

Budget: USD 432.000
Secured Budget: 74%
Financing: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute) / World Cinema Fund / Huber Bals

Storyline: Tania, Pedro and Daniela are three friends with their qualities and strangeness. Tania’s grandmother died and deal with a special inheritance, an alien body. In a letter she asked them to take the alien to a place where the creature could have eternal peace. The three of them, now with an alien start a journey, that will lead them to all kinds of situations. They get lost, and found each other back. They find the appeasement they need, what makes their loneliness softer.