Florencia Kohan

Creative Director
+34 697696526

Colorium born in 2004 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was initially developed as a boutique design studio and illustration projects aimed at children. Our 10 years experience, in the development of pieces of assorted formats, provided us with the required skill set to face up any project, being our differential the practice acquired developing infantile projects. Discover and interpret this universe and put it into graphic forms, expands the limits of our imagination and proposes a constant game where we like to participate. Recently we installed a new base in Barcelona to broader our relationship
with the European market.

Colorium nace en el año 2004 en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Se desarrolla como un estudio boutique de diseño e ilustración orientado a proyectos infantiles. La experiencia de 12 años de trabajo nos permite contar con las herramientas necesarias a la hora de abordar cualquier proyecto, siendo nuestro diferencial la práctica adquirida en la comunicación infantil. Descubrir e interpretar este universo y expresarlo en formas graficas, expande los limites de nuestra imaginación y propone un juego constante en donde nos gusta participar. En octubre de 2016 Colorium se instala en Barcelona.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Ioguis(13 or 52 chapters)

TV Series
Status: In development
Tecnique: Digital Animation 2D
Director: Florencia Kohan
Writters: Sabrina Pace
Genre: Adventure / Child’s
Target: preschool

Budget: 13 chapters USD 21.000
Secured Budget: We estimate to have 15% of all when starting the project.
Looking for: We are looking for financial sources and/or coproduction companies

Synopsis: Ioguis are 5 friends who meet a yoga master that will teach them the philosophy of yoga through games, postures, talks, inviting them to change bad habits and transforming their emotions in a dynamic and fun way. They live in the forest, and every morning they meet their master, where they meditate, practice asanas and have a talk. In every chapter they are going to live a new adventure through games, postures and knowledge and they´ll incorporate useful tools for every aspects of their life.

Teaser of the project