Florencia Kohan

Creative Director
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Colorium is a branding and illustration boutique agency aimed to kids projects since 2004 based in Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Our areas of expertise include: graphic design, illustration art, character design, branded games, visual identity, editorial design, patterns design, animation, web, scenography and branding for TV and theater. Our more than 10 years experience, provided us with the required skill set to face up any project, being our differential the practice acquired developing infantile projects. Today we license our experience working on our IP: “ioguis”, winner of the contest License This at BLE 2017!

Colorium es una agencia boutique de branding e ilustración infantil fundada en el 2004 en Buenos Aires, actualmente basada también en Barcelona. Nuestras áreas de experiencia incluyen diseño gráfico, branding, ilustración, diseño de personajes, animación, web, escenografía. Nuestra experiencia nos permite poder abordar cualquier tipo de proyecto siendo nuestro diferencial la practica adquirida en la comunicación infantil. Actualmente desarrollamos un proyecto audiovisual llamado ioguis, una ip para acercar el concepto de yoga a los niños y hemos ganado el contest: License This en Brand Licensing Europe 2017

Current projects looking for coproduction

Ioguis (26×11′)

Series – In development
Tecnique: 2D
Director: Florencia Kohan
Animator: Colorium
Writters: Sabrina Pace
Duration: 26 episodes of 11 min. each
Technique: 2D
Genre: Adventure / Kids
Target: Upper Pre-School

Looking for: Broadcasters and coproducers

Synopsis: Ioguis is about 5 friends who live in the woods and meet a yoga master who will teach them the philosophy of yoga through adventures.
In a beautiful forest somewhere in the world, there is a unique school where only those who want to become powerful ioguis attend. Kalindi, a very special teacher, has the ability to discover the special spark in every children (because she can feel the magic all around), and invite them to this great school.