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Animar, is a Cluster of animation and VFX companies from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We work together to enhance our experience in providing services, original content, production and co-production of series and feature films, advertising and transmedia projects for both local and international market.
Animar companies have been in the market for over 15 years and produced animated content for clients such as Paka Paka, Cartoon Network, Disney, Discovery, Fox, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, MTV, NBC Universal and The New Yorker, among others.

ANIMAR, seis empresas argentinas de animación y VFX con sede en la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, se consolidan de modo asociativo para impulsar de planes estratégicos de crecimiento y posicionamiento internacional para la producción, co-producción y ventas de servicios. Con mas de diez años en el mercado, Can Club, Caramba, El acuerdo, Malabar, Hook Up Animation y Malditomause a lo largo de su trayectoria, han trabajado para reconocidos canales como PAKA PAKA, Cartoon Network, Disney, Discovery, Fox, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, MTV y NBC Universal.


Produced Titles

Can Can Club
2-Cuentos de había una vez /26×15/
3- Zapa Zapa /39×15/
4-Los Pollos con Moño /13×2 /
5-Numeralia /13×2/
6- Lana y Chaparrón /13×2/
7- Dixi detective de las letras /27 x 3/
8-Minimalitos / 65 x 13 /
9-Monstruos Rodantes / 26 x 5 /
10-La Cocina de Tomas / 26 x 5 /
11-Animalímpicos / 13 x 13 /
12-Robotia / 13 x 13 /:
13-Mati & Rocco / 7 x13' /
Hook Up
14-EF High Flyers / 47×4 /
15-Gaturro, la serie/ 20 x3 /
16-Bondi Band/ 52x 11/
17-El show de Cuello/ 23 x 5 /
18-Una Película de Huevos
19-Lucky Luke, Colaboración en largometraje de Xilam Animation


Current projects looking for Co-Production


Series – In development
Director: Malabar SRL
Animator: Malabar SRL
Writter: Malabar SRL
Duration: 13 episodes of 11 min. each
Technique: 3D
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship
Target: 2 to 5

Budget: 325.000 USD
Confirmed Budget: 20%
Financing: INCAA
Looking for: Co production and pre-purchase

Synopsis: Adventure is waiting for us, let’s live it together! Follow the adventures of Cony and her family, the Motorjón, while traveling the world in a motorhome. Cony’s mom is a photographer and documentary maker. Together with her dad Melquiades and her brother Tibo, they travel through large areas in their motorhome, discovering a path full of landscapes, songs, friends and adventures in each episode



Series – Production
Duration: 26 episodes of 11 min. each
Technique: 2D
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Comedy
Target: 6 to 9 years

Budget: 2.000.000 USD
Confirmed Budget: 55%
Financing: INCAA
Looking for: Coproduction for season 1, Pre buys

Synopsis: Tomas and Katy, alongside robot ally and friend Cluster and monster baby BB, are
the members of a brigade dedicated to investigating
and solving mysterious and supernatural events for “The Mystery Network”: a social network composed of a large community of children and teens interested in investigating ghosts, monsters and unexplained events.



Series – Pre-Production
Director: Hook Up Animation
Animator: Hook Up Animation
Writter: Hook Up Animation
Duration: 11 episodes of 7 min. each
Technique: 2D
Genre: Comedy
Target: Teens and adults

Budget: 1.300.000 USD
Confirmed Budget: 20%
Looking for: Co production for season 1, Pre buys

Synopsis: A group of Rock & Pop musicians enter to a house to live a reality. They will have to cohabit, compete and survive, until there’s one left, the WINNER! Each one of them will represent a different genre, marked by a stereotype, reaching the ridicule, and sometimes they will show a dark side totally unexpected