Joseph Specker Nys

Art Director / Puppet Maker / Post Producer
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Ignacio Rodriguez

Visual Artist
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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Celeste Estudio is an animation studio established in La Plata Argentina which has recently expanded its business to La Paz (Bolivia) and NYC USA. The studio consists of a creative team of professional illustrators, 2D and 3D animators, and modelers. Cofounded by Yashira Jordán director of the film DURAZNO. Belisario in fulldome, Dubicel in IMAX, among other animation projects.Creators of TLSM. (Taller Latinoamericano of Stop Motion) with experts like Alex Jushasz, Folimage, Annecy, Laika, etc.

“Celeste Estudio Creativo es un estudio de animación originado en La Plata (Argentina), y que en la actualidad también trabaja en La Paz (Bolivia) y NYC. Cuenta con un equipo creativo de profesionales ilustradores, animadores 2D y modeladores y animadores en 3D. La cofundadora del estudio es Yashira Jordán directora y productora de DURAZNO, Belisario in FULLDOME, DUBICEL in IMAX y eventos como el Taller Latinoamericano de Stop Motion con expertos como Alex Juhasz, Folimage, Annecy, Laika, etc.”


– Durazno – coproduction con Carrousel Films largometraje 2014
– Dubicel – postproduction 2017
– Belisario – coproduction with Planetario de la Plata and Cut to the Chase 2017. First Full Dome series.

Current projects looking for coproduction

Dubicel (10 min.)

Status: Post-Production
Tecnique: Stop Motion
Director: Yashira Jordán
Animator: Igor Gopkalo Streiff
Writters: Yashira Jordán, Mauro Escobar, Igor Gopkalo Streiff and Ana María Aguirre
Genre: Fantasy
Target: Children

Budget: USD 30.000
Secured Budget: 80%
Financing: Planetario Ciudad de La Plata (Argentina) / Polar Studio (Mexico), Brasil.
Looking for: 20% Of financing

Synopsis: Dubicel is a cosmic child who lives galactic dome alone and wants to open the walls that imprison him to discover what is beyond and to discover the stars. Despite having the gift of materializing mysterious objects of his dreams, he can not find the one what allows him to open the window of his dome, until one of them gives him the key to be able to reach what he needs. But this one is not an object. It is a living being.

Teaser of the project