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Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Caramba is an animation studio founded in 2005. Caramba specializes in 2D digital content and has a long and fruitful professional career history in developing content for children and young adults both in TV and for multiplatform media formats. The studio develops animation projects both domestically and internationally, having produced over a dozen animated children’s TV shows to date. Caramba has thus found a prominent place in the animation market, creating content for clients such as NBC Universal, MTV Latin America, Coca Cola, Discovery, FOX Channel, The New Yorker, Encuentro Channel, and Pakapaka Channel, among others.

Caramba es un estudio creativo especializado en contenido digital 2D, fundado en 2005, con base en Buenos Aires. Tiene una larga y fructífera trayectoria profesional en el desarrollo de contenido para niños y adultos jóvenes tanto en televisión como en formatos multiplataforma. Desarrolla proyectos de animación tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, ha producido más de una docena de programas. Caramba ha encontrado un lugar destacado en el mercado de la animación, produciendo contenido para clientes como NBC Universal, MTV Latin America, Coca Cola, Discovery, FOX Channel, The New Yorker, Illuminated Films y Pakapaka, entre otros.

Produced Titles

– Zombirama (ShortFilm – 2012)
– Dici Detective (Animated Series 10×3 – 2019)
– Cuentos de habia una vez (Animated Series 26×15 – 2015)
– Detective de animales (Animated Series 13×15 2018)
– Lana y Chapa (Animated Series 13×2 – 2014)
– El espejo mágico (Animated Series 8×2 – 2014)
– Numeralia (Animated Series 13×2 – 2013
– Los Pollos con Moño (Animated Series 13×2 – 2013),
– The New Yorker (Animated Series 30x1min – 2010)
– Zapa Zapa (Animated Series 39×15 – 2009)
– English Lessons (Animated Series 7x 2 min – 2008)

Current projects looking for coproduction

King of the Worlds

TV Series – 54 x 12 min.
Status: In development
Director: Ariel Lopez V.
Animation: Caramba Estudio
Script: Ariel Lopez V. , Marcos Osorio Vidal , Gustavo Sala
Technique: 2D
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Target: 8 to 11 years

Budget: USD 6.000.000
Secured Budget: 50%
Financing: INCAA (Argentine Film Institute)

Looking for: Financing, broadcasters, digital platforms, distributors

Storyline: Brian King is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary destiny. Adventure awaits in every paper clip, every shoelace, every pebble as Brian discovers he has the fantastic ability to travel to the world of any object. All objects in the universe contain a unique world and Brian is their rightful King! The only two people who know of Bryan’s power, Bryan’s friend Rocky and Bryan`s sister Jenny, will join Bryan on these trips to the world of objects and share in his adventures.

Teaser of the project


Mystery Network

TV Series – 26 x 12 min.
Status: Pre-Production
Director: Ariel Lopez V.
Animation: Caramba Estudio
Script: Ariel Lopez V., Gustavo Sala, Oma
Tecnique: 2D
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Target: 7 to 9 years

Budget: USD 4.000.000
Secured Budget: 35%
Financing: INCAA (Argentine Film Institute)

Looking for: Co-production, broadcasters, digital platforms, distributors

Storyline: Katy and Tomas, alongside robot ally and friend Cluster and monster baby BB, are the members of a brigade dedicated to investigating and solving the most singular paranormal and mysterious events of all over the world for “The Mystery Network”: a big community of young investigators interested in ghosts, monsters and unexplained events that scare or worry people.
Each mystery is unique and forces the network to renew its strategies to unravel these strange phenomena.

Teaser of the project


Dixi Detective

TV Series – 27 x 3 min (10 episodes already finished)
Status: In production
Director: Ariel Lopez V.
Animation: Pablo Cirilli, Alfredo Piermattei
Script: Gustavo Sala
Technique: 2D
Genre: Edutainment
Target: Preschool

Budget: USD 250.000
Secured Budget: 50%
Financing: INCAA (Argentine Film Institue), patronage

Looking for: Coproduction, broadcasters, digital platforms, distributors.

Storyline: Dixi Detective is an edutainment animated series created for preschoolers, aimed at strengthening their reading and writing skills, and also their command of the Spanish language. In each episode DIXI, who is a highly skilled detective, will have to solve a mysterious case involving a different vowel in the alphabet. Dixi will be aided by an off-screen narrator, and each story will include characters and words from daily life.

Teaser of the project