Caramba Estudio

Marilina Sanchez

Executive Producer
+54 9 11 40859475

Profile – Argentine Animation Catalogue

Caramba, is an artist driven animation studio devoted to the creation of animated contents, branding and advertising for TV, digital and new media. It is based in Bs. As., Argentina, since 2005.
Our team of animators, designers and directors work together with our clients to produce creative, passionate and high-end visual products.
Our clients include MTV Latin America, The New Yorker, NBC Universal, Discovery Network, Coca Cola, Paka Paka, among others.

Caramba, es un estudio de animación dedicado a la creación de contenido animado, branding y publicidad para TV, digital y nuevos medios. Está situado en Bs. Argentina, desde 2005.
Nuestro equipo de animadores, diseñadores y directores trabajan en conjunto con nuestros clientes para producir productos creativos, apasionados y de alto nivel visual.
Nuestros clientes incluyen MTV Latinoamérica, The New Yorker, NBC Universal, Discovery Network, Coca Cola, Paka Paka, entre otros.


– “Guau detectives” (13×15) Paka Paka In production
– “Mystery network” (13×11) Coproduction with Split Studio In Pre-Production.
– “SuperLifebuoy” (5×3) Web Series Unilever 2016
– “Cuentos de había una vez” (26×15) Paka Paka 2015
– “Zapa Zapa” (39×15) Paka Paka 2010-2012
– “Lana y Chaparrón” (13×2) Paka Paka 2013
– “Altas Gafas” (6×3) Boomerang 2011
– “Numeralia” (13×3) Paka Paka 2011
– “Spanglish Lessons” (13×2) NBC Universal 2010
– “The New Yorker Podcast” (30×1) The New Yorker 2010″

Current projects looking for coproduction

El Rey de los Mundos/ King of the Worlds(26×11′ first season)

TV Series
Status: In developments
Tecnique: 2D
Director: Ariel Lopez V.
Animator: Caramba Estudio
Writters: Ariel Lopez V. / Oma Gonzalez
Genre: Adventure / Humor
Target: 7/11 years

Budget: USD 1.600.000
Secured Budget: 60% USD 960.000
Financing: NCB Universal – Split Studio (Brasil)
Looking for: Coproduction partners / Broadcasters

Synopsis: BRUNO KING is an ordinary child with an extraordinary gift: being able to travel to the world of everyday objects. In each of these unique and fantastic worlds, he will be hailed as King. The only two people who know of Bruno’s power, Bruno’s friend Rocky and Bruno’s sister Juana, will join Bruno on these trips to the worlds and share in his adventures. Each world will bring a new mission: save the world from destruction, protect it from an invasion, or help its inhabitants out of trouble.

Teaser of the project


Red Misterio / Mystery Network (26×11′)

TV Series
Status: Pre-Production
Tecnique: 2d Digital
Director: Ariel Lopez V.
Animator: Caramba Estudio / Split Studio
Writters: Ariel Lopez V. / Oma Gonzalez / Jonas Brandao
Genre: Adventure / Humor / Mystery
Target: 6/9 years

Budget: USD 1.400.000
Secured Budget: 50%
Financing: Paka Paka – Split Studio
Looking for: Coproduction / Broadcaster / Distributor

Synopsis: Tomas and Katy, alongside robot ally and friend Cluster and monster baby BB, are the members of a brigade dedicated to investigating and solving mysterious and supernatural events for “The Mystery Network”: a social network composed of a large community of children and teens interested in investigating ghosts, monsters and unexplained events.

Teaser of the project